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The Unique Art Produced During The Renaissance

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The renaissance or “rebirth” was a cultural awakening which spanned from the fourteenth to sixteenth century. A growing interest in humanist traits and classical ideas heavily influenced the art during the renaissance. A growing community of artists provided much needed competition for their profession. The renaissance introduced many different and modern ideas but also remained obedient to classical belief. The unique art of the renaissance spread throughout Europe. Northern European art differed tremendously from Italian art.
Art during the early renaissance time period was mostly commissioned by wealthy and powerful families. Ruling families were accepted by the average public. These families commissioned various and lavish artworks. It was also common for powerful families to have their personal chapel in their respective, local church. Therefore, many great paintings are located inside chapels. The most well-known chapel of the early renaissance is the Brancacci chapel, located in Florence, Italy. Masaccio’s Tribute Money dominates every other painting located inside the chapel. Masaccio depicts a moment from the New Testament, Matthew 17: 24-27, when Jesus is asked to pay tribute to his authorities. It is argued whether the painting is a sign of protest against taxation or is simply for viewer pleasure. The painting is ill-suited for public statements against taxation, because it is located inside a private chapel. Masaccio also illustrates a continuous narrative, which moves from center to left scene to the right scene. Lighting plays an important role in Masaccio’s work. The chiaroscuro is very active and is a strong force in the narrative. Masaccio illustrates the landscape with elements of atmospheric perspective. The blurring and decreasing of light uniquely unite the foreground and background. A return to classicism is shown clearly in Masaccio’s use of aerial perspective for the architecture and some figures in his scene. The figures in Tribute Money are weighty but also provide bodily structure. There is great detail in illustrating the bones, joints and the body’s tension. This unique blending of fresh ideas and rejuvenating classical ideas defined Masaccio’s artwork and more importantly the art of the early renaissance.
The high renaissance time period introduced the world to arguably its best artists. Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Titian ruled the grand community of artists at the time. Da Vinci and Michelangelo further succeeded because of their versatility. The high renaissance was marked by rival city-states and a continued trend of lavish spenders. Religious and political leaders spent great quantity of money to have their chapels, or any setting appear better than their...

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