The Unique Relationship Between God & Mankind In Genesis

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The relationship between God and his creations humans can be said to be a very complex relationship. Genesis shows us many examples of God's interaction with humans and human's interaction with each other. From the creation of Adam and Eve and all the events that follow afterwards, I shall show what the relationship tells us about the nature of God and mankind.

When you read chapter one of Genesis you have the feeling that God is perfect. God holds all power and control. God turns chaos into order. "God said 'Let there be light.' And there was light, And God saw the light, that it was good" (Gen 1. 3). God's word is action, God's word is law in the universe. When God creates something, he ends it with God seeing that's its good. This is in effect giving support to the perfect nature that is God and the creations God has made. "God does not play dice" (Armstrong 9), God has order and a purpose for what he makes. An important aspect to God is seen while he is creating the world. He separates water from land. Light from Darkens, Day and Night, Male and Female. This shows that boundaries are important to God. We see examples where God put boundaries on mankind with their language by mixing the language up so confuse man and killing off the evil from the good.

With the creation of man and woman God forms them out of his image. ?And God created the human in his image, in the image of God He created him, male and female He created them? (Gen 1.27). Alter says ?him as in the Hebrew is grammatically but not anatomically masculine?. So in interpretation the first human had no gender. Then on the third line ?male and female he created them? implies the creation of gender. The importance of this is that the first form of ?man? had no gender thus the image of God is genderless. The aspects and mental qualities of God are put into the bodies of male and female, the physical bodies are physical representation of the mental aspects. With this being said God is both male and female, Father and mother. God is the dual parent and shows each side throughout Genesis. After God creates the humans he blesses them to spread and multiply over the earth, to hold rule over all things on the earth. This first blessing results in the human nature to desire blessings from God.

After God makes Adam and Eve he puts them in the Garden Eden where they live in paradise. This shows that God loves his creations so much he wants to make sure they don?t die, that they can live and flourish. This to me is the female side of God. The male side comes forth and tells Adam and Eve to never eat from the Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil or the tree of life. Armstrong points out that ?Pagans believed that is was death which made human beings different from the gods?..In the Bible however, knowledge?was the distinguishing hallmark of the divine.? This God is different from the other pagan Gods, he values wisdom and knowledge above all. So much that he fears what humans may...

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