The Uniquity Of The Early United States

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While it would not become entirely unequaled as a country, the creation of the United States was indeed unique, differentiated amongst others in the sum of its conflicting society, its premature development, and the means by which it continued in its existence. Creating the country involved assimilating numerous ideas from varied origins, though these would later nearly rend it in two. Though it lacked normal criteria of developing nations, the United States compensated in ways that made it equal or possibly better than other countries. How it subsisted and grew after its founding also made the country unique.
In forming a single nation, only Americans incorporated such conflicting ideas in order to construct a connected community. The origin of these ideas sprang from the country’s mixed origins, with multiple groups coming together to form a conglomerate society (Guarneri 37), unlike how other nations had formed. With these differing groups came different ideas about concepts such as freedom and liberty, which were fundamental to what Americans believed themselves to be (Guarneri 39). One of the most contrary ideas entertained was the freedom to enslave. While whites had the right to be free, they, at the same time, could use that freedom to revoke the liberties of blacks (Guarneri 43). Others rejected the idea of slavery, asserting that rights for oneself should apply to all (Guarneri 49). This same group, the Quakers, also believed that people should have the right to do what they believed was wrong (Guarneri 46). While cultures did come together to create a joined society, most Americans also put a great value on the individual (Guarneri 38). These groups felt that having control over self was of great importance (Guarneri 45). To make matters more complicated, many would not tolerate others opinions (Guarneri 50), with opposing ideas of sovereignty and slavery eventually leading to the Civil War.
Generally, other countries possessed a long history, which helped to form a single people (Guarneri 194). While the United States was legally established early in its history, the country was originally more united in name than in principle. The country, in the context of the colonies, lacked the often crucial requisite of a lengthy shared experience (Guarneri 194). It instead substituted its recent past with stories of the founding fathers’ heroic efforts to compensate for this apparent shortcoming (Guarneri 194). Leaders, such as Jefferson, also chose to look forwards to a national future as a means of inspiring unity (Guarneri 196). Most other nations had an established church (Guarneri 194), though as many Americans supported Protestantism in some form, this difference was fairly easily mitigated (Guarneri 196). Often nations, such as France, England, and Spain, had to contend with a threatening neighbor as well in efforts that solidified national ties (Guarneri 194). But this was noticeably absent in the American experience, as the country...

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