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The United Kingdom Prison Service Essay

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This paper has analysed the efficiency and effectiveness of the PFIs in relation to Alticourse. Alticourse represents one of the earliest prisons to be privatized in the UK, making it a better case for analysis. From the case analysis, the paper has established that PFPs are so far a major success in relation to PFI system. Private security companies provide efficient services compared to public prisons. Moreover, they outperform the public prisons in terms of quality and cost, saving the taxpayers a lot of money. The increasing prison population demands for the establishment of more PFPs, which calls for the government to invest in PFIs. Meanwhile, there are several demerits linked to the ...view middle of the document...

The success of PFIs prompted the government to attempt the ‘market test’ protocol. However, the procedure of transferring public prisons to private initiatives through this protocol delayed until 2011 (Barlow, Roehrich, and Wright 149).
In 2011, Birmingham Prison was established through the ‘market test’ protocol. At the end of the contract, the privately operated prisons are subjected to re-competition where the public sector bids for their consideration. The private prisons are operated within government-set standards. Consequently, the private firms may be penalized for either performing poorly, or violating the provisions of the contract. In each privately operated prison, there are permanent government monitors that ensure the facility is well managed and the prisoners are treated in accordance with the law. Additionally, the HM Chief Inspector is mandated to inspect private prisons in the same way as public ones. Up to date, there are 16 officially contracted private prisons in the United Kingdom (Hodge, Graeme, and Greve 10).
These prisons have the capability to house around 13,500 inmates, which is estimated to be 11% of the whole prison population in the country. The major private security companies that run prisons in the UK include G4S Justice Services, Serco, and Sodexo Justice Services (formerly Kalyx). There is an ongoing competition to operate a total of 9 prisons in Wales and England. The results of the initial stage of the process were released in November 2012. They showed that the government still controls three prisons, including Wolds, which is currently under the management of G4S. The remaining five prisons will be subject to further competition by the private sector companies, which include Sodexo, Serco, and MTC/Amey (a new company). Moreover, government officials, including ministers, have proposed to contract out functions of the public prisons to private companies except the core custodial requirements (Morrison et al. 26).
They aim at saving more than 450 million sterling pounds in the next six years. The loss of the Wolds Prison back to the public sector and the failure to win any new contracts by G4S is linked to the company’s incompetence in providing security for the 2012 Olympics. The controversies concerning the competence of private companies in the management of prisons are largely linked to the failures of G4S. For instance, after the establishment of the HMP Ashfield in 1999 for housing young inmates, the prison experienced continuous riots. It portrayed the poor state of management in the prison, which sparked public mitigations over the competence of PFPs. The conditions deteriorated over the years, which forced the Youth Justice Board (YJB) in 2003 to remove prisoners from the facility. Additionally, the YJB threatened to recommend for the transfer of the facility back to the public sector. However, the conditions gradually improved and the prison remained under private management.
In summary, the move...

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