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The United States Coast Guard Essay

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United States Coast Guard Since September eleventh, the United States Coast Guard has completely rearranged their policies on and off of the water. This section of the Armed Forces is now under the Department of Homeland Security which is newly developed department. President Bush made up this new department for the sole reason of protecting our country, the United States, from future terrorist attacks. On August 7, 1789 a branch of the military known as the United States Lighthouse Service was established under the control of the United States Treasury Department. On August 4, 1790 another branch names the Revenue Cutter Service was added to and controlled by the Department of Treasury. Throughout many years, many branches were created that all had to do with protection of the water and the people on it, such as the Steamboat Inspection Service (1838), the United States Life-Saving Service (1878), the Bureau of Navigation (1884), the Department of Commerce and Labor (1903), then on January 28, 1915, President W. Wilson decided that all of the branches listed above should all fall under a single branch of the military known as the United States Coast Guard. Over the next century the United States Coast Guard would be under the control of several departments, such as the Department of the Navy, the Department of Treasury and the Department of Transportation where it would rest until March 1, 2003 when the Department of Homeland Security was created. The United States Coast Guard now protects and patrols every inch of water surrounding our nations border. The United States Coast Guard is looking for new applicants everyday to sign up or join their team. There are many jobs within the Coast Guard that almost anyone can apply for when registering. Currently there are thirty-eight thousand active men and woman in the Coast Guard with eight-thousand in reserve and thirty-five thousand auxiliarists. Before joining the Coast Guard, there are a few qualifications that need to be met. All active duty applicants must be between the ages seventeen and twenty-seven. The applicant must be a United States citizen. In most cases the applier must graduate high school and there is a test called the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test that anyone wishing to join any branch of the Armed Forces must pass. After passing the ASVAB test, all recruits must attend an eight week boot camp where they will be tested and trained for the very important job that they wish to take. All recruits must go through boot camp so that they may learn everything they need to know about being a coastal employee. The United States Coast Guard Training Center is located in Cape May, New Jersey. Recruits are taught in the classroom where they learn first aid, fire fighting, weapons handling, realistic seamanship, and general Coast Guard knowledge. Recruits are also taught outside where they must endure physical fitness and learn survival...

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