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The United States Contract Bidding Process And Its Effect On The Readiness And Reliability Of Our Nation’s Military Communications Systems

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Title of my paper: The United States Contract Bidding Process and Its Effect on the Readiness and Reliability of our Nation’s Military Communications Systems

The United States Government has fostered a lowest bidder mentality among corporations and firms vying to provide government services. The resulting outcome of this system has allowed firms to sacrifice the quality in the materials, manpower and resources to construct and deliver reliable and dependable communications systems to our forces.
The United States Military counts on the reliability of its vast array of communications systems to be successful on and off the battlefield. History has shown that the advantages ...view middle of the document...

With the competitiveness of the process, and the back and forth throwing of numbers quite often the winner is the one within the lowest bid range.

The Government Contract Bidding Process
Although competition in the bidding process is highly encouraged, caution must be at the forefront. In the process of competitive bidding costs are driven down, to the point where one can only imagine if the winning bid can provide the full range of services to the client without sacrificing materials, manpower and overall customer service and quality.
In the bidding process multiple determining factors are at play when deciding which awardee will provide the best overall value, and service to the client. Such determining factors that will be employed in the process are:
• Technical excellence
• Management capabilities
• Professional experience
The Federal Acquisition Regulations or FAR are the listed standardized policies governing the procurement of goods and services for use by the federal government and its agencies, and lists the normally used processes for acquiring a contract. Federal Government agencies utilize these regulations when deciding what items or services they need to purchase from contract sources, and the step by step procurement process from the time a need for a product is voiced to the final acquisition of the product is described in detail in the FAR.
The rules that are listed in the FAR allows the careful administration of all government contracts, and without such oversight and management corruption can hamper and/or alter the outcome of the procurement process.
Politics presents an ever increasing problem in the contract vetting process. The integrity of a contract is put into question as political influence can taint the process, where best value and lowest price acceptable are not considered.
At the time a product or service is required by a Government entity...

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