The American Cultural Invasion Of Canada

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The American Cultural Invasion of Canada

“ Canada 's national obsession seems to be its own identity.” For many years Canada has feared the increasing influence of its North American neighbors on its culture - the United States . It has become a matter of growing concern for the people of power and influence in Canada to maintain their separate cultural identity and to promote their own cultural norms. Gaetan Tremblay presents his views on this topic and does this from the perspective of a person living and working in Quebec.

Tremblay, keeping in mind that the two regions – Canada and the United States , share some aspects of a common cultural heritage; reminds the readers there is certainly a separately identifiable Canadian culture. It is safe to say that cities like Toronto , which are no different than any metropolitan city in the United States , have been victims of cultural invasion. On the other hand cities mostly in Quebec like Montréal that are less Americanized in a relative sense are still struggling to defend themselves from the American influence which is spreading faster and faster in North America and around the globe. In his article, Tremblay highlights the issue of the

“ great efforts that have been made to preserve Quebecs unique qualities English -

speaking citizens of Canada and the United States who "surround" them, not only

geographically but also economically and politically.”

Tremblay tackles this issue by comparing the broadcasting policies by authorities in Canada , Quebec and United States . The policies in Canada clearly exist to maintain their national identity and cultural sovereignty. It is encouraged to use the “Canadian ways” to carry out functions which would be Canadian art, opinion, values, beliefs and points of views and make the most of their local talent and resources. The Quebec government controls communications in its own territory to defend its own Quebecois culture which try to stand on its own, separate from the North American. The feature that creates this difference is the fact that they have a different language when compared to the rest of the continent. This generally makes it easier to protect their culture. Unlike the Canadian government, America on the other hand operates communication in a free trade environment just like any other commodity and is deeply committed to deregulation allowing free competition. Along with this, America also tries to pressurize its neighbors to follow the same pattern set by them. They do this because they are not insecure about their culture the way Canada or Quebec is. The American government does not force or intervene and make policies to encourage or promote their culture since they are well aware of the fact that their culture is taking over the continent and slowly seeping in to the media markets all over the world; therefore knowing that their cultural identity is far from danger. The broadcasting in America is so well established...

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