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The American Diet And Its Effects

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The American Diet and Its Effects

Today, we have many people suffering from various diseases, most of which are diet related. Basically, these complications are either as a result of increased intake of specific foods, or due to deficiency of some major nutritional components. What this means is that the health of human beings can only be assured by making sure the right foods and dietary compositions have been consumed (Swinburn & Waters, 2010). This approach can therefore make sure majority of diet-related diseases and complications will be addressed. This is because good diet is the beginning of good life.
The American diet is a dietary habit that is highly associated with the high consumption of red meat, sugary desserts, foods high in fat content, as well as refined grains. A distinct characteristic of this diet is the fact that these foods are consumed as fast foods and they are characterized by ingredients that are either preheated or pre - cooked. Most of the American diet consists of products with high cholesterol levels associated with obesity and diabetes, secondly the sodium salts and sugars in the diets have negative effects on health where they progress blood pressure, heart diseases and stroke.
Since our bodies factually depend on sugars, moderate glucose content is effective for normal functioning, but unlike glucose, fructose found in most American diet is metabolized differently from glucose. High Fructose levels in the liver increases uric acid which inhibits normal functions of nitric oxide cycle, a process that keeps blood vessels open or vasodilated.High sugar levels are also characterized with hyperinsulinemia and production of VLD Lipoproteins which elevates risks of heart diseases.
American diet is also compounded by the nonexistence of vegetables and fibers.Fibres and vegetables tend to play a huge function in lipid formation, also they promote intestinal peristaltic movement, initiate satiety, and inhibit absorption of some poisonous FFA (free fatty acids).Absence of this component in American diet exposes members of the public to numerous diseases and risks which can be prevented by eating balanced diets. Apart form obesity resulting form high cholesterol and fats ,other diseases related to American diet include hypertension ,this results from high sodium levels ,heart diseases ,resulting from narrowing of blood vessels as result of cholesterol and FFA clogging , breast and colon cancer ,resulting from high cholesterol levels and uric acid , Osteoporosis ,resulting from high calcium ,fluoride and sodium in the diets, Coronary Heart Disease ,resulting from absence of vegetables and fibers ,and finally food poisoning resulting from poor handling of the food.

Currently, we have different countries facing different problems when it comes to diseases and complications related to diet composition. Such problems are determined by the economic status of the country and the income levels of the citizens in...

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