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The United States Has No Comprehensive Terrorism Policy

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Terrorism brings about serious problems in a government which take a long time to be resolved. People have lost their lives, some have been displaced, properties destroyed and the government in general is affected as people live with fears of attack. The war on terrorism is a big challenge faced by most governments as they look for ways and means of controlling it. More efforts have been put in place to fight the war on terrorism but the outcome is not as effective as it is supposed to be since the attackers continue to develop new strategies as the current technology advances by day. Iraq and Middle East are the most threatening countries associated with terrorism and the United States government is trying to control the threats by sending its army to these two countries. The paper explains terrorism and the efforts which the US government has put in place to help stop terror attacks.
Terrorism involves a person or a group of people causing threat to the life of others for the purpose of self-determination. Terrorism is associated with politics and in most cases the terror acts aim at influencing political decisions in a country. Terror attacks have created fear among the citizens in America who are always suspicious due to the threats issued every day by other states like the Middle East and Iraq. Terrorism in America associated with the Palestinian terrorist activities in 1970s but dated back in the start of the cold war. The Middle East terrorist action hit the United States since 1980 due to the emergence of two terrorist groups namely; Hezbollah and Hamas and the introduction of suicide bombers which was a big threat to America. There have been a lot of concerns in America due to the issues given by the Middle East threatening to wipe out the whole nation using the most powerful weapons of mass destruction like the atomic bombs and nuclear weapons (Cettl 4-11).
United States Involvement in the war on terrorism
The world in the modern history is faced with many crises which have been growing since the Second World War. This has been as a result of the United States and the British military embarking on wars against terrorism which threatens the future life of people. A series of events have been witnessed concerning the war on crimes committed after the cold war era. For instance the continuum in the US concerning the Truman doctrine and then the war on terrorism initiated by the former United States president George Bush. Of great concern is how can the government control terrorism and yet on the other hand it seems they are collaborating with other nations in production of the equipments of mass destruction. The government officials have been involved in inspection of missiles from Iraq and the allegation that the Clinton government helped Bosnia with military actions by recruiting people who ended up forming the Military Islamic Network consisting mostly of Muslims (Chossudovsky).
The government developed the nuclear...

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