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The United States Is Morally Justified In Legislating Morals For The Purpose Of Creating A Safer More Socially Aware America.

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The United States is morally justified in legislating morals for the purpose of creating a safer more socially aware America.Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal programs for relief and work projects were beneficial to America's economic collapse while helping the nation as a whole. Before these programs, however, the nation was not looking so good. On October 24th 1929 a day known as "Black Thursday" came. The stock market crashed and so did the economy. Unemployment ran rapid through the country whereas millions of Americans were out of work and money. The nation succumbed to one of the worst events in history, it was known as the Great Depression. Roosevelt, the governor of New York at the time, was well aware of the need for action and swept the election of 1932. In his speech he spoke of a "New Deal" for America and then New Deal was born. As soon as Roosevelt took office, help was on the way as he created many programs to take the nation out of hard times. One most important ones was FERA, or Federal Emergency Relief Administration,. Each one of these programs had an impact on the nation that aided in helping the people and the badly hurt economy. They also lifted the spirits and morals of the people. In addition, the lasting effects of the New Deal programs are still felt today, which proves that the relief and works progress programs were of outmost benefit to America.Roosevelt was determined to relieve the suffering of the American people. In his inaugural speech he said, "I pledge you, I pledge myself, to a new deal for the American people". He meant that, as president, he promises a new America that will help the people and preserve their morale. Roosevelt was committed to helping the nation out of the economic crisis and directly helping the people. The New Deal was made up of numerous programs to help the nation overcome the depression. Roosevelt believed the government should provide for the welfare of the people. Because of his strong belief in governmental aid, he carried the nation through the depression. The first of his relief works projects was designed to be a quick jumpstart to help families receive money. This was called FERA.The Federal Emergency Relief Administration, commonly known as FERA, was established as a temporary program that would run on direct governmental...

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