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The United States' Mistake In The Bay Of Pigs

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Have you made a mistake? Well, the United States made a big mistake on April 17th 1961. The mistake was a secret mission organized by CIA that was ok’d by the , John F. Kennedy, the president. The intent of the mission was to overthrow some of Castro’s officials because the united states were getting concerned with Cuba’s growing relationship with the Soviet Union. The U.S government supplied B-52 bombers for the mission. Cuban mafia and Cuba revolutionary forces were all part of the mission. The mission was a complete failure, a few days after the start Castro’s forces surrounded all of the fighters and captured them; Most of the fighters were sent back to the United States. The relationship between Cuba and the Soviet Union grew even stronger than before. The Cold War was a war witch no shots were fired between the U.S. and Soviet Union. There were treats of nuclear warfare going back and forth between the soviets and the U.S. A United States spy plane captured pictures of nuclear missile sites on Cuban soil witch many believe was a result of the invasion of the United States on Cuba during the Bay of Pigs. The Bay of Pigs resulted in bad U.S. Cuba relations, The Cuban missile Crisis, and a huge mistake by the U.S.
One of the biggest effects of the Bay of Pigs was the relationship between the United States and Cuba. One of the two major consequences was the trade between the two countries. Before the secret military mission, the embargo on trade had already started with Cuba, which banned everything but food and medication. But after the mission, tension grew even higher and all imports were unobtainable. In today’s society most people think the trade ban with Cuba should be lifted. For example Jeff Bingaman makes a good point in the article “should the U.S. lift travel and trade”
The world has change. It is long past time that we change our policy toward Cuba. The embargo should have been lifted decades ago. It does not serve our national interest. It does not make our country safer. It does no good for the people of Cuba, whom we claim to want to help. They would have better jobs and better lives if they could do business with the United States, which is the biggest economy in the world.
The second point of interest with the status of the relationship between the United States and Cuba is travel. After the relationship with Cuba went down the drain Cubans were no longer aloud to come to the United States. As for Americans they are required to have a license to travel to Cuba, but there is a long list of rules or requirements you must fit if you want to acquire a license. There is no max limit to how much money Americans can give their relatives when they go visit them in Cuba. Since Cubans cant travel to the United States since it is illegal in Cuba can decide to flee the country. Under the “wet food dry foot” policy if Cubans make it to the shore of the United States will have the chance to stay, but any Cuban found in-between the...

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