The Us Ocean Commission's Proposed Recommendations To Address The Health And Management Of Our Oceans

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In 2004 The US Ocean Commission proposed several critical recommendations to address the health and management of our oceans. These recommendations range from better organization of current management offices to education of the public on issues pertaining to oceans and coastal areas. The importance of healthy oceans, waterways, and coastal areas cannot be denied. As humans we rely on these areas for food, fuel, materials for various products, and recreation just to name a few. Aside from the human aspect the health of the earth’s oceans is also bound to the air and land. Many other creatures throughout the world depend on a harmonious balance of the human species with the waters that surrounds us. The sooner we can find equilibrium with nature, the sooner we can rest assured that the oceans will continue to support us well into the future.
The first critical recommendation that we will review is the creation of a National Ocean Council, chaired by an Assistant to the President, and create a Presidential Council of Advisors on Ocean Policy in the Executive Office of the President. The creation of an overseeing council will provide current organizations that manage the oceans with a point of leadership. Basically instead of many state regulated groups reporting to the persons only in their regions they would have a council to report to that has direct connection to the president. Therefore decision makers would be informed and educated through the council enabling the decision makers to decide on topics more proactively and precisely. This would improve the communications between the scientists, and other ocean management organizations in the field with personnel at higher levels of government. Creation of The National Ocean Council would improve coordination when addressing regional issues, and enable effective policy enforcement.
The US Ocean Commission also recommends strengthening NOAA, so that it can efficiently undertake its many ocean and coastal responsibilities. Within the recommendations there is it is fairly clear that the council feels that there needs to be collaboration and understanding of how the ocean, land and air influence each other. It is mentioned that federal agencies involved in the management and conservations should be aware of the importance that each element has to each other, to provide a unified approach to managing the oceans. Ultimately, it would seem that coordination, communication and participation are the three factors so that would lead to successful policies concerning conservation and management of oceanic waters. The importance of such restructuring and the addition of such councils is very high. The ease at which federal agencies and scientists alike can coordinate the more efficient and organized it will be to manage the oceans.
The only way we can get a full picture of state of our oceans and an idea of how to better manage them is through scientific exploration and research. This scientific work...

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