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The Country Of Kenya Essay

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Kenya is located on the eastern coast of Africa. It is approximately 224,960 miles squared and is about the same size as Texas. Kenya had five main geographical regions: Lake Victoria Basin, northern semiarid desert, eastern plateau forelands, Rift Valley and other highlands, and coastal areas. Kenya has two rainy seasons and has an average of 80oF along the coast. There is a tropical climate on the coast and an arid climate in the interior. Nairobi is the capital of Kenya and other major cities include Mombasa, Lamu, and Kisumu. Major landforms in Kenya are the Great Rift Valley (fissure 4,000 miles long), Kenyan Highlands, and two major mountain ranges. The major ranges are Mau Escarpment in the West and Aberdare Range in the East. The highest mountain in Kenya and also the second highest mountain in the world is Mount Kenya at 17,058 ft high. There are seven provinces of Kenya and they are Central, Coast, Eastern, North Eastern, Nyanza, Rift Valley, Western and they have one area called Nairobi Area. The bodies of water in Kenya are Lake Turkana and Lake Victoria.
The history of Kenya is like other African countries because they had ivory that European countries wanted. In the 19th century, Christian missionaries arrived from Europe, the Berlin Conference divided Africa into spheres of influence, and in 1890 Kenya was declared a British protectorate. In 1893, coffee was introduced to Kenya. In the 1920 Kenya was declared a British colony but from 1952-1956 a state of emergency was declared in response to the Mau Mau rebellion against the British. After the rebellion, in 1963, Kenya gained their independence from Britain. A year later Kenya became a republic and Wilson Kipurgut wins the first Olympic medal for Kenya. In 1977 hunting wild animals was banned and a year later Kenyatta dies and Moi succeeds as president. In the 1980’s there was a coup attempt by air force officers, the first AIDS case was diagnosed, and the first Hollywood movie Out of Africa became a box office success. In 1997 floods and ethnic violence erupted in the coastal region and in 1998 there was a terrorist attack on the U.S. embassy in Nairobi. In 2002 there were terrorist attacks that occurred in Mombasa, KANU was voted out of power, and Kibaki became the third president of Kenya. Kenya participated in wars like the War in Somalia or the War on Terror. It had a rebellion with the Mau Mau people against Britain’s control. Britain had a great influence of Kenya such as introducing Christianity to the Kenyans and their government. On December 12, 1963 Kenya had gained their independence and became a republic.
As stated before Kenya is a republic and their official country name is Republic of Kenya. Their constitution was put into effect on August 27, 2010 which established a prime minister position and a bicameral legislature. The executive branch consists of the chief of state: President Mwai Kibaki and Vice President Stephen Kalonzo...

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