The United States' Role In International Environmental Policies Through Treaties

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The United States' Role in International Environmental Policies through Treaties

The United States plays a vital role in international environmental foreign policy through conventions and treaties. Creating international environmental policies is complicated. However, they are necessary. The environment can't be fixed with one policy or by one country. Therefore, the United States must actively participate in the creation of international environmental policies. Creating international environmental policies is important, but ratifying and putting them into place is even more important because it's a commitment to action to improve the global environment. The United States must be willing to stick to new policies and sacrifice a little. Time and time again, the United States is willing to tell other countries what they should do, but not willing to do the same thing. This is especially true when it comes to international environmental policies. The United States must stop trying to make "loopholes" in the policies, and adhere to the same rules and regulations as other countries.
When creating an international environmental policy, many factors come into play. The political and economic situations around the world affect how international environmental policy is made. Politicians will make decisions on policies, including environmental ones, based on what the popular thing to do is instead of what is best for the environment. If it is an election year, politicians will especially make decisions based on public opinion instead of making decisions that would reflect what is best for the environment. Another factor when making environmental policies is environmental disasters. They may require immediate policies and put other environmental issues on the back burner. Rapid population growth is another factor when creating an environmental policy. A country has to change their environmental policies to meet demands that a population growth places on the environment.
There are many reasons why international cooperation is necessary in creating international environmental policies. Damage in one region of the globe will affect another. The United States efforts will be futile if other nations don't cooperate. For example, if we develop a plan to clean the oceans and work on doing so and then other countries pollute the oceans, then the United States has to start all over and the oceans are still polluted. Another reason international cooperation is necessary is that will make protecting the environment easier if countries cooperate.
There are many problems in the environment that the United States needs to work with other countries to solve. Currently, researchers are finding that overall the global temperature is changing. This climate change affects all nations and needs to be addressed by everyone though an international environmental policy. The pollution and over fishing of the oceans are also issues that need...

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