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The United States Welfare Programs Essay

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In the United States welfare system or social programs are a broad collection of many programs with corresponding mandates and complicated, and poorly managed rules about eligibility, benefit level and subject to fraud and abuse. The most appealing way to reduce the welfare misuse, and exploitation, while increasing the productivity of the programs, government should not loosen the restrictions on the welfare but furthermore strict it in more effective strategy, for the purpose of weeding out those who abuse Social programs, particularly the cash assistance, food stamps, housing assistance and Medicaid.

Welfare is defined as a process or social effort intended to promote the basic physical ...view middle of the document...

During that time period welfare programs such as AFDC paid direct cash payments to the poor families, mainly single mothers and children and senior citizens regardless of their ability to work, assets on hand or other personal circumstances. Rorbart the auther of the article name Welfare Reform in the United States From Handouts to Employment said “There were no time limits on the payments, and it was not unusual for people to remain on welfare for their entire lives.” () By the mid 1990's, public view had turned strongly anti old welfare system. The old system offered no encouragement for recipients to seek employment, the welfare rolls were exploding, and the system was viewed as rewarding and actually perpetuating, rather than reducing poverty in the United States.()

In 1996 during Clinton’s admistration The Welfare Reform Act was presented to the congress which passed in to law. This new law was substituted the program known as the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) with Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). The Welfare Reform Act changed the United States welfare system extremely. Under the new law of the there were tougher regulation that required some individuals to have a five-year limit on TANF benefits instead open ended support, and seek employment or job training if they are not disable. Although many argue the current welfare system does not fulfilled its goals such as encouraging work, reducing poverty, there is counter argument against that believe. The Welfare Reform Act successfully fulfilled its goals of creating more opportunity for those who are in need to be more dependent to themselves as well as safety net to those who are facing hard times.

The issue of social assistance program or welfare has always sparked controversy, with advocates arguing that the welfare system does not create dependency and opponents disputing that people on welfare often become dependent, lazy to get a job, and abuse the system. First of all, its important to acknowledge that welfare is important, It is a safety net that protects vulnerable societies members such as senior citizen and disabled individuals, as well as children from living rough on the streets, or dying hunger or even poor healthcare conditions. On the other hand it is important to recognize that not everyone who...

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