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The University Health System Should Distribute The Morning After Pill

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The University Health System Should Distribute the Morning After Pill

The United States of America is known for many of its outlandish and outrageous statistics in comparison to other countries. Statistics regarding obesity, homicide rates, and political issues have displayed many of the nation?s weak points. However, the amount of teen pregnancy has become so excessive that it is becoming a cry for help and a statistic that is greatly standing out and can no longer be ignored. In 1999 about one million teenagers experienced a pregnancy. This rate was twice the amount in England, Wales, and Canada and nine times greater than that of the Netherlands and Japan. About 78% of these American teenage pregnancies were said to be unplanned. (The Alan Guttmacher Institute home page)

The country has come up with many solutions to this problem, yet nearly every solution has caused ethical debate. The use of contraception is rejected by many religions and groups of people; while the option of abortion, is even more widely rejected. Many Christian religions stand firm on preventing the use of either contraception or abortion as well as sex outside wedlock. Other religions such as Judiasm, Muslims, and Hinduisms also stand against it. Politicians are also known for taken a stand on the issue, as those running on a conservative platform (Republicans) are more likely to go against. The liberals (Democrats) stress the need for womens? right to chose and consistently fight for the continuation of the practice of abortion. Although, the younger generations are more accepting of these options, does that mean it is the right decision? One quick fix to pregnancy began years ago with the introduction of the condom. This method of contraception had a guarantee of about 98% of not allowing the sperm to reach the woman?s egg. However, there is that 2% chance that the condom could fail whether it be a defect or the condom breaks. The partners involved are then left with a dilemma and the possibility of a life crisis. Manufactures developed a quick- fix solution with the emergency contraception pill (ECP); this pill is able to destroy any possible movement between sperm and egg and prevent a pregnancy. At James Madison University the debate arose due to the fact that condoms are distributed at the University Health Care Center so shouldn?t the ECP pill, after all they are serving the same purpose?

From the results of the survey showing that a vast majority of the student body would feel more comfortable with the pill being made available on campus, it seems very important for the issue to be looked more in depth and asked for a change. According to Ann Simmons, coordinator of health promotion at the university?s health care center, the morning after pill was available at JMU beginning in 1995. At that time the pill was Nordette, a high dosage of birth control, and was given out at the cost of $10. Then in 1999 plan B was approved by the Federal Drug Association...

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