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The University Should Ban Religious Groups

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“Hey! You in the blue shirt. You are going to hell.” A few moments before the wrath of the malevolent lady, I was walking across campus to my class as a pleasant breeze carrying a mixture of fragrances flew past me. The sun’s warmth was soothing against the side of my cheek and areas of shades of serving as safe havens from the warmth was delightful. The Beatle’s “Got to get you into my life” drowned out other surrounding noises. Walking to my own beat and singing along in my head I was headed towards my class and I crossed the Memorial Union I was greeted by a few friends and I kept walking. A few steps later I saw a lady in her late fifties or maybe early sixties was pointing at my violently. Not sure whether she was trying to say something to me I took out my headphones and I was greeted with a “Hey! You are going to hell.!” and being unable to comprehend her unknown hatred for me, I walked towards her and ask her why she decided to select me from the crowd and her response was, “Do you believe in Jesus Christ?” Being a deists myself I said, “I’m not sure but I’m not against the idea of Christ.” With her stern, wrinkled she replied with a scorn, “So you don’t believe in Christ well guess what? You are going to hell, but for now carry on with your day. Your time will come. You are going to hell.” In the name of religion and God she went out of her way to not only crush my positive attitude towards my day but also she had the guts to curse me out in front by clueless bystanders. That verbal assault not only made me cringe in embarrassment but made me question whether the first amendment truly stood by this lady and her beliefs. The problem is not what people believe in but what they choose to do with the beliefs.
Religion is a very sensitive topic and not a lot of people will willing discuss religion in public. So when people are so afraid to even discuss let alone debate a topic associated with religion, how do people have the audacity to assemble in public and voice their religious beliefs and on top of that force it onto others using threats and hatred? ASU is a government owned educational institution and a pressing problem at hand faced by ASU students is verbal harassment by people who assemble on campus to “spread” religious beliefs and messages. It is understandable if they were to hold peaceful assemblies or rallies and that right is given to them by the constitution. However, holding an assembly solely to bully or threaten innocent students and people passing by is downright atrocious.
The major concern is that these people who are seen on campus holding posters, banners and fliers are extremely hostile. They not only verbally abuse students who walk by but also hold posters and signs saying, “You are going to burn in hell” or “you are doomed”. The posters and banners are huge so it is impossible for anyone to miss. Not only are the signs offensive but also frightening. I can guarantee that no student including myself wants...

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