The Unjust Execution Of Anne Boleyn

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How does one marry a person and then wrongly condemn them to death? Is one supposed to cry or laugh when informed of their own future execution? Anne Boleyn was wrongly condemned to death and did not cry when informed of her future execution, instead she laughed. It takes a weak and selfish man to make up lies to have someone they love beheaded. Anne Boleyn was unjustly charged with treason and adultery by Henry VIII because of her inability to produce a male heir, her slick tongue, and sexually magnetizing aura.
Anne Boleyn’s inability to produce a male for the English throne not only distressed the king but pushed him to the greater lengths of accusing her of treason and adultery. A lot of men in today’s society are small-minded bigots and one can only imagine a man in the 16th century, especially one who held a title as great as “king.” Poor Anne had to deal with a self-centered, egotistical husband who became distressed with something that wasn’t even in her control, “Anne was obstinate and assertive, it was her inability to bear male heirs that most distressed the king,” (“Six Wives”). It is preposterous that he could think that Anne decided what gender her baby would be when she was pregnant. It is not clearly stated, but it can be insinuated. If women could decide the gender of there soon-to-be child, there probably wouldn’t be as many men as there are today. Petty behavior is expected from mere children, not adults or even a king,“…Henry convinced she could not bear him sons, confided to his advisor Thomas Cromwell that ‘he had made this marriage seduced by her witchcraft,” (“Six Wives) this demonstrates how pathetic and ridiculous Henry really is. Henry’s disaffection toward Anne gradually increased over time; her arrogance, her inability to successfully deliver his prince, and her unladylike behavior contributed to Henry’s change in feelings toward her. Henry consistently took blessings as reasons to resent, “Henry cannot have been pleased by the emergence of another daughter…but miscarriages followed, and his attention began to move elsewhere,” (“Queen Anne Boleyn”). Henry should of been by his wife’s side in the event of a miscarriage which is emotionally scarring to any woman, but instead he pushed himself away and used it to build his case of resentment towards Anne, “…the king blamed his wife when she did not conceive or carry to term,” (Bevan) this is just another example of how Henry is extremely selfish and was not there when Anne would need him the most. Anne was a good wife despite her personality flaws, “He resented her arrogance, and a few month’s after the marriage he gave her cause for jealousy, and disputes arose,” (“Biography, Portraits, Primary Sources”) she’s only human, and all humans feel jealousy. If he wasn’t such a self-centered bigot he would see that he caused the problems early on in their marriage. Anne and Henry’s healthy first born, who was a girl, did not immediately cause her mother’s downfall. That...

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