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The Unknown Citizen, Richard Cory And I'm Nobody! Who Are You?

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What it means to be a person who is in the fast lane and well known by everyone that controls them is that they are not human but a living robot that is told what to do to keep society happy because of their actions. In various poems and writings the poets describe what it is to be high and mighty but on the inside alone and sad, and some tell how it is better to be that quiet unknown person that is unique and themselves. A number of poems deal with the different places of people on the outside and their self feeling on the inside, also the why it is better to be yourself than to have everyone control your life.
When a reader interprets this poem for the first time normally they would just assume that Emily Dickinson was just saying that she was alone and was a nobody, but when the poem gets broken down Dickinson tells that she is happier being a nobody rather than a somebody. In the second stanza of the poem Dickinson says, “How public-like a Frog-“(Dickinson 529), means that like the Frog at night that croaks and is known by everything by just the sound of its loud, monstrous calls of the wild, a person that is a somebody is always known and heard by everyone being waited upon to hear the “croak” of that person just to make everyone know they are still there. In the first stanza Dickinson says, “Don’t tell! They’d banish us you-know!”, that if the general public saw them, that they would be the outcasts and unaccepted by everyone, and the person that is somebody would be told to put down their ways of being nobody; or it could be that they would never be bothered by the general public and be left alone from the controlling ways to be somebody and be free.
Richard Cory is a man of high standards and is looked upon by all people when he comes to the town. On the outside, Richard Cory is a man who is perfect in every way to the average Joe on the street, but on the inside is a grieving man waiting to have death come take his life so the torture of being followed and adored by everyone can finally end. In the first stanza of Richard Cory, Robinson says, “We people on the pavement looked at him: He was a gentleman from sole to crown”, the people of the town idolize Richard Cory as a man that there is no flaw in life and must always have perfect complexion. In the third stanza, the poem says he has everything from...

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