The Unknown World Of Web Design

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Hundreds of thousands of people surf the internet every day visiting web sites like Facebook and Twitter. Though millions of web sites are all similar in a way, the average person overlooks the similarities. They are oblivious to an entire language that is so complex that it can be used to create the most beautiful and simple creations on the web. This language is used to create Facebook, Twitter, Google, and even your everyday blog. In order to understand this language fully one must spend countless hours behind a computer screen working through problems, going thought books, as well as looking though others work to see how they solved problems. This evolutionary language is known by today’s computer scientist as hypertext markup language or HTML as known by the general public.
Many people try to learn this language by starting with basic HTML but the best way to start is with the beginning of the entire internet.(3Cite) The internet was an idea that began in the cold war due to the U.S. needing to be able to connect multiple data servers together in a way that if one got taken out the others could still connect in a way that the U.S. would still be able to run the country. This need for a network lead to the first network known as Advanced Research Projects Agency Network or ARPANET for short. The ARPANET is what is now credited with being the first version of the internet and was the foundation for the idea of the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web was later created by CERN in 1992. Soon after the creation of the World Wide Web the National Center for Supercomputing Applications or NCSA created the first ever graphical web browser known as Mosaic. Mosaic allowed for people to surf the World Wide Web easily by being able to use a GUI or graphical user interface instead of a line of text. This is where ISP or internet services provider comes in. ISP’s started popping up everywhere and were being used as an on ramp for the highway that is the internet. (Wolinsky44)
The next era for the internet had begun.(4Cite) HTML was a key role in the creation of the internet as the internet began to take form. HTML was used to create web pages all over the internet making it into what it is today. It was not long after HTML was created that it was questioned as to whether or not it was advanced enough to keep up with the rapid advancement of the internet. This lead to closing the development on HTML by the World Wide Web Consortium or W3C in 1998. After the closing of development on HTML in 1998 the W3C began to work on a new project to replace HTML known as extensible hypertext markup language or XHTML. XHTML was used in the same way as HTML and was very similar. XHTML was designed to allow for more flexibility with design and lead the world into the 21 century with web design. All of the promises of XHTML were broken as the computer world put down XHTML and refused to show support for the new computer language. XHTML was mostly criticized for...

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