The Unprofessional Relationship Between Medical Doctors And Pharmaceutical Companies

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The relationship between doctors and medical or corporate representatives is an old time practice in which the corporate representative primary goal is to directly inform the medical profession of the company’s products. There is nothing wrong with this practice, but it becomes situational when the medical representative is being offered financial incentives or on the company’s pay policy. Recently, GlaxoSmithKline publicized that they stop paying physicians to promote their products and try new marketing strategies (article 1). GlaxoSmithKline’s new policy is an improvement from the ethical standpoint because the relationship between the two parties are tainted and no longer a respectable relationship. This essay reviews the aspects conspicuous relationship between medical profession and drug companies, such as GlaxoSmithKline, and its future consequences.
The purpose drug companies interact with doctors is to promote their medical product. For the companies to reach out to the medical doctors and leave a memorable impression, they might compensate the doctors in the form of gifts and other incentives such as pens and notepads with the company’s name. Under the PhRMA’s code of conduct regarding the interaction of pharmaceutical companies and medical profession this sort of conduct is sufficient (article 2). From this sort of action both parties benefit, the pharmaceutical representatives are able to have their say, and medical doctors obtain are informed with the latest information of the company’s product line and obtain small rewards that would not have a powerful effect to the human psyche. Moral doctors would promote the drugs that have the most benefit to their patients and as well take in consideration of patient’s economic stance. However these marketing strategies have become more aggressive by the companies and are nor involving financial incentives. To pressure financial incentives against doctors is an unethical act upon the pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical companies are aware and recognize the states that medical doctors are in once they are finished with medical school, and they leverage their financial situation to persuade the medical doctors in prescribing their drugs. Thus, the action taken by GlaxoSmithKline to stop paying medical doctors to promote their products and no longer compensating their sales representatives on the basis of prescriptions generated is an ethical approach to a corrupted practice (article 1). The company states they will focus on the technical information of their product, and quality of service to health professionals (article 1). Also this action displays confidence on the company’s part of what potential good can their drug do for patients.
However, it takes to two to tango. The medical doctors are in equal share of the blame as the pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical companies providing financial incentives to medical doctors brings up the question about whether paying doctors to...

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