The Unsettling Rise Of Women And Demise Of Men In Education

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A wise woman once said, “No matter where you’re from, every little child’s dream is valid.” Hanna Rosin in “The End of Men” does not seem to believe that men’s dreams can come true with the rise in women dominating all aspects of life. Rosin is worried of the rate in which men are falling behind in their education. Rosin beings the article by introducing the idea of sex selection in the in the 1970s. Rosin further then goes on to show that feminist of the 1980s were worried about the future of women in the society. Additionally instead of the vast majority of people choosing to have boys the trend changed to favour having more girls. Rosin gives and example of a biologist, Ericsson and ...view middle of the document...

Rosin tries to paint women as hard workers when she visited a school in Kansas, she says “one afternoon in the basement café of a nearly windowless brick building several women were trying to keep their eyes on their biology textbooks and ignore the text messages from their babysitters. Another crew was outside the ladies’ room, braiding each other’s hair. One woman, still in her medical-assistant scrubs, looked liked she was about to fall asleep in the elevator between the first and fourth floors”(51.) Rosin explains that women are suffering when she states the basement has no windows also She is trying to create an image of women being responsible and willing to push themselves in ways men are not, when she mentions the woman almost falling asleep in the elevator. The example Rosin gives of women ignoring their babysitters does not seem ideal or nurturing as she paints them to be. It is not a realistic example; a mother always checks the texts from their babysitters, to know if there is anything wrong. Also the guys might not be around because the women are not being productive, they are just standing there and braiding each other’s hair. Rosin depicts women are intelligent go-getters when she states, “soon she’ll apply to a bunch of medical schools, […] Michelle, a self-described “perfectionist,” also has her life mapped out”(52.) Rosin shows that Victoria and Michelle are working hard to attain their aspiration, the fact that they are planning out their lives shows that they are ambitious, however they are not a typical example of young girls across the country. In reality Victoria might not get into medical school, it might be a speculation. Rosin suggests that “since the 1980s, as women have flooded college, male enrollment has grown far more slowly” (53) and “many of the women established their careers later in life, sometimes after a divorce, and they had urged their daughters to get their own careers more quickly”(52.) Men are not falling behind, it is a symptom of women catching up not dominating, and the enrolment numbers are high because a lot of older women started going back to school. Furthermore older women are doing better because their age gives them advantage when it comes to experience. Rosin clearly indicates that older women are populating most of these college courses, so this a trend that accounts for the numbers that she is providing. It is a trend that shows a generation of women who missed their opportunity to go to school. In the past women were not expected to get a degree; a lot of them already had families and they could not go back to school. After their kids are older or they just got a divorce, some of them are going back to school. These women are still of working age and they do not have degrees. The economy increasingly demands that people have a degree to join the workforce, but this trend would not continue. Women have definitely come a long way from those days where they got married right after high...

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