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The Unsinkable Ship: Titanic Essay

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Titanic was the dreamship, the unsikable ship. It was supposeed to sail from Southampton harper and be in New York 17th of April. But the dream ship never made it to New York. The story of Titanic is both tragic and adventures. The passenger were both poor and very wealthy. They were seeking adventure in a new country. Some went to travel other went to live the American dream and start a new life. The dream for many people came to an end on 14th of April. The unsinkable ship went down after hitting an iceberg. Titanic had 2,224 passengers with the crew members and only 20 lifeboats. The lifeboats could only carry 1.178 people. The tragic event cost 1500 people their lives and only 705 people survived.
It was a beautiful day on the 10th of April 1912. The Titanic was leaving the shore with all of its passengers. The wealthy people all went to their first class accommodation, they paid up to $4350 for their ticket. That was the way to travel, the first class was very luxurious. The first class had everything a wealthy person would need. The Titanic was far more luxuries than other ship of this time. Second class and third class were not as luxurious though the second class was better than third class. They did not have their own bathrooms but the third class only shared two bathtubs. That is not much for all the 709 third class passengers. The Titanic sailed like the wind the first days of its journey. Life on board was good and the passengers enjoyed the glorious ship.
The captain on the Titanic kept the Titanic sailing on 22 knots. That was a good speed and he suspected that he would arrive in New York on time. This was his last journey as a captain and he was very proud of sailing the maiden voyage of the Titanic. The crew on the Titanic had received warnings from other ship of ice in the area. Though they got the warnings they continued on full speed. The Titanic was so superior in safety that they had nothing to worry about. The Titanic had 16 compartments that could be closed from the bridge if sea water would began to stream in the ship.

On the evening on the 14th of April the weather was calm but cold. The captain had ordered men to be on the lookout for icebergs. The man stood his shift and there were nothing to see until he sees a very big iceberg in front of the ship. He alarms the bridge and the bridge order the ship to be steered around the iceberg. But the huge ship can’t be controlled that easy and the Titanic hit the iceberg with its side. Today people estimate if the Titanic had just sailed straight on the Iceberg then this accident would not have been this tragic. The water started pouring in the ship and the watertight compartments had no chance. The...

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