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Bambi paced the floor back and forth trying to think. She had just seen her boy toy Jason talking to and flirting with that winch Jesse. She couldn’t stand Jesse ever since they were in high school and Jesse had tried to get Jason even back then. Sure Bambi was married to Marlon and had five kids but Jason was still hers. Yes she had basically everything she wanted with Marlon a nice car house vacations and all that but she just didn’t get the same excitement that she did with Jason. She knew she was wrong for wanting revenge on them but she didn’t care. Jason was not going to treat her this way after all she had done for him. He had another thing coming. In the middle of her thoughts there was a loud knock at the door. Who could this be she thought to herself? When she opened the door she was surprised to see her brother justice. Justice was a very nice looking man. He resembled the soccer player David Beckham. As soon as she saw him she got an idea. She would use justice to seduce Jesse and get her away from Jason.
Hey justice whats going on? She asked as he stepped into the foyer of her home. Justice said hi sis and gave her a quick hug. He said I need some advice with a forlorn look on his face. Bambi said I do my best to help. Bambi loved brother but he was just so naïve at times. Justice cleared his throat I took a deep breath. He said it’s about skye. Sky was justices girlfriend whom Bambi detested. What about her Bambi asked with an attitude? Well she tell me she was pregnant and I was all excited until she told me the baby wasn’t mine. He had tears in his eyes and an exasperated look as he spoke. Bambi knew her brother was weak when it came to women especially skye. She didn’t know what he saw in her. Well what did you do Bambi replied. I left and came straight over here to talk to you he said unsteadily sitting on the couch. How could she do this to me Bam I just don’t understand. I tried to give her the world she knows how much I wanted a kid as she goes and does this. I just don’t know he repeated over and over shaking his head. What do you think I should do he asked. She wanted to say man up and go over there and cuss her out but she knew how sensitive her brother was. I can’t believe sky did this to you she said. Who does she thinks she is? We can’t let her get away with hurting you like this Bambi said in a angry voice. All the plans that Bambi could come up with she knew that justice would never go along with them. He was very sensitive but it was all there conniving mother’s fault. They had...

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