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The Untrusted Suitor Have you ever said one thing but done another, or do you act differently around certain people? Some people try to impress others with their words although their actions may suggest something quite different. Eurymakos, a suitor in the epic The Odyssey, Homer, translated by Robert Fitzgerald, displays different personalities. Although he wants Penelope and Telemakos to believe he is shameless, his actions around the other suitors suggest otherwise. To better understand the situation, it is important to know why Eurymakos feels the need to impress Penelope and Telemakos. All of the suitors, including Eurymakos, are competing among each other for Penelopes' hand in marriage. It seems practical that a prospecting husband would act sincere to the lady and her son, if the suitor wishes to be the chosen one. Most of what Eurymakos says to Penelope and Telemakos are lies, but he betters his chance at becoming the chosen husband. His relationship with the other suitors is in sheer competitiveness. He is eager to impress them and because of this, it makes him one of the most untrusting suitors in the book. To upset either Penelope or Telemakos would only jeopardize his chance at becoming the next husband. That is why the book shows Eurymakos behaving wisely to Penelope and son. On one hand, Eurymakos seems genuine to the needs of both Penelope and Telemakos. When Telemakos feels as if his home is in havoc, Eurymakos assures him that he himself is only interested in his mother and does not wish to consume the property. Eurymakos also tries to comfort Penelope when she fears her son is in danger by telling her that he will see that no harm will come to Telemakos. As he continues to tell Penelope and Telemakos the things he thinks they want to hear, he charms his position with gifts and compliments. "Beauty like yours no woman had before, or majesty, or mastery," is one such use of his talents for impressing Penelope (pg 344). Because of this, and the gifts he bestows to her, he is the most probable to win Penelopes hand in marriage. Eurymakos may act sincere around Penelope and Telemakos, but he displays a bolder, less sensitive behavior while around the suitors. He is in constant competition with Antinoos, a leader figure to the other suitors. When Antinoos expresses his opinions towards things, Eurymakos is quick at taking a stand in agreement if the other suitors share the same feelings. After Antinoos throws a stool at Odysseus, Eurymakos, in competition, shows he too is strong by imitating Antinoos' actions. At times, it is difficult to tell how Eurymakos really feels towards a situation. He works with Antinoos by helping him plan the death of Telemakos, but then reassures...

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