The Unwilling Heroes Essay

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The Unwilling Heroes
Ever wonder how it is possible for some characters in movies turn to be legends at the end? Why would it mostly end this way? Well, typical respond to this question would be because it is in movies and all the impossibility could become possible but the question to the reason why it is the way it is remains unanswered. This common sense, which obviously occurs among people, is a misconception in some conditions; as the old says, “everything has its own reason”. There are many different types of genre in movies and there are reasons for the disparities. However, it would be time consuming and inefficient to mention all the genres at once; as the Unwilling Heroes is a ...view middle of the document...

“White House Down” is another film, which fits into this genre and specifically has this trope included in the beginning of the film. Channing Tatum starring John Cale, who is the father of Emily Cale. The first part of the movie is the family being together at home with mom before they depart to the White House together. Another movie, which also fits in the same genre and particularly has the same trope in the beginning, is the “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter”. The commencement of the plot starts with young Abraham living with his parents in a small sweet house for the whole family. This trope is there in order to imitate the real life event of casual people interactive closely with their family. It is like the baseline of how the movies process; all the heroes are normal individuals as us. This genre does not depict any superheroes characters, who happen to possess extraordinary and use it in order to save the world. They are all ordinary people and do not have any intention to engage in any issue, which the plot is going to be.
“Issue Provocation” is the second trope in this genre; those casual characters get into some issues accidently without any self-devotion to the issues at all. An extract from the scene of John and Emily Cale in the “White House Down” take a tour in the White House and that is the lead into the main issue of the whole movie, the attack over the House. They did not intend to get involved in those problems or even know that is going to happen at all. Another example would be in the “Chronicle of Narnia” when the young Lucy find out about the magical portal wardrobe in that house, which could lead to Narnia. It is when the story changes its course and the issues in the movies start to take place. Also, in the “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter”, when Abraham steps his foot in the world of politics and that is when all the main events in the movies are about to take place. This trope is to introduce the main issue of the plot. It is one of main keys in this genre, which makes it unique; by doing this those “unwilling” heroes could get involved into something, which they could become “heroes” at the end.
Moving on from the introduction to the main issue of the plot, here comes the transformation part of the “unwilling” heroes to be the real one; this trope is called the “transformation”. The main characters become what are called the “chosen-one”; they are the one, who devote to solve the problems in the movies, and obviously that is why they are the main characters. For example, in the movie “I-Robot”, Will Smith who starred as detective Del Spooner was no extraordinary individual, but based on the fact that he is a good cop he devotes himself to protect the citizens of New York City from being attacked by the robot from the IRS Company. There were no one there to assign him to eradicate those army-bots, but he did it on his own obligation. Moreover, in the movie “White House Down”, John Cale did not even get the job at...

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