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The Up Cycling Plan Essay

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Up cycling is taking older objects that no longer have use to people and making them into completely different and usable objects. It is not commonly known to people. Everyone believes that recycling is the best way to go with leftover ‘trash’, but it is more harmful to the earth than people actually realize. Some ‘trash’ cannot be recycled and then are thrown away into landfill spaces. This will then cause all that space to pile up and sooner or later we will have nowhere to put all the waste. Recycling causes pollution, money and landfill space lost. There are chances of contamination being left behind and plastic being not able to be broken down. Transportation will have to be used a lot ...view middle of the document...

One day he had seen a homeless couple and they had asked him for a tarp. He did not have one but realized that he had just finished building a miniature home. “I had this home sitting right here,” Kloehn said. “I thought, ‘Why am I keeping it?” (Judy, Upcycle That) This program is meant for people to come together and use their imagination and creative skills to get objects from the street sand put them together to make miniature houses. Most of these materials had been from the illegal dumping pile which eliminates the amount of illegal dumping left. These homes have been put on wheels as well so they could move it around.
On April 22, 2014 a program called “Junk Kouture” had been created to make competition between anyone lives in Ireland and Northern Ireland and wants to create clothing out of materials that would have been thrown away. Three high students -Hannah Chathasaigh, Nora Chathasaigh, and Meadhbh Dhomhnaill-had made an outfit entirely out of one hundred and fifty milk cartons. It was laced themed and shaped into a dress and had been called “Plastic Surgery”. Hannah Chathasaigh had been very proud of her success over the outfit and said: “I am very interested in using my artwork to promote environmental awareness. I think art has a powerful impact nowadays and I feel it should be used to influence peoples’ opinions on something as eco-friendly and creative as upcycling.”
One of the most beautiful projects placed in the Temperate Palm House at the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh was called the “Plastic Bottle Installation”-also known as “Candela 7/450” or “For the Death Star”. It had been created by a Scottish artist named David Batchelor. This creation is filled with many different colors and is made out of four hundred and fifty plastic bottles that are impersonating lights having a bulb in each bottle. Batchelor had said: “I’m interested in the things that populate our environments but are often overlooked, either because they are so ubiquitous or just plain functional.” (Judy, Upcycle That)
Another interesting painting that has been created with up cycling is a painting made out of floppy disks by an artist from London named Nick Gentry. Floppy disks are considered more of wastes so that is why Gentry had thought of creating this painting. He is known to tie his artwork with about technology cyber-culture, identity and consumerism. He feels that it helps the problem with up cycling and also featuring other problems around the world.
A creation that may interest people who have laptops would be a laptop case made out of sweater fabrics. Since sweaters go in and out of season and grow out, you can use it for the fabric of the sweater case. On November 20, 2013, people thought of starting this new...

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