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The Up's And Down's Of Distance Learning

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Even though distance learning has it's ups and downs, students are given the opportunity to better themselves by obtaining a college degree online, advancing in different career and technology fields, as well as tending to life's daily tasks all at the same time.

Students who choose distance learning experience victories as well as challenges just like any other student attending school. One of the best things about distance learning is that student's can work at their own pace in the privacy of their own home. “Distance education gives an opportunity to learn independent from time and place. The learners define self-pace learning” (Kiryakova, G. 2009).

Some would say that to be a good quality of distance learning, because even though students have deadlines to meet they are still able to learn and apply the material without as much pressure as a traditional school setting. “Distance education gives an opportunity to everyone to learn throughout their entire lifetime” (Kiryakova, G. 2009). Distance learning does not discriminate either. People of all ages, and even people who have not been in school in over a decade, will find comfort in online schooling. Distance learning is also very convenient for student's who have children, or who work crazy schedules. Student's have the option of taking class during all times of the day! In most cases distance learning is compared to a traditional classroom setting, to provide an option for student's who are interested in taking classes online and so that student's can know the difference, and adapt to the online experience. However, it is also always important for each individual to discover which technique is best for the him or her. This is not to imply that a traditional classroom is not sufficient for academic standards; or to create a political debate, but to introduce new ways of furthering one's education.

Most people are familiar with a traditional classroom setting. Students meet at the school house five days a week to attend various classes, establish new friendships, attend events, football games, pep rally's, talent shows, school dances, etc. Everything is conducted at the school, and is usually grades kindergarten through 12th grade(Distance learning is recommended more for individuals who are pursuing a college degree, although there are programs available online for students who are earning their G.E.D, or taking classes to prepare for their G.E.D). Distance learning is almost the complete opposite of a traditional classroom physically. The biggest difference is that there is no face-to-face contact with teachers or classmates. All activities, and conversations are conducted via a student portal (online classroom designed for classes and other inquiries), email, or phone. It may not seem to exciting, but resources show that there are “four reasons that online learning is attractive; individuals who have work or family constraints can benefit from online learning,online programs are...

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