The Next Generation's Form Of Discrimination

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The Next Generation's Form of Discrimination

Education plays a key role in the development of one’s character and future achievements. The importance of education has elevated in numerous ways over time. The higher an education a person receives is expected to give an individual a better occupation and therefore result in more earned money by that individual. Human desires have led to the great want to achieve the best education in order to ensure that more then just the basic needs and wants are met by that individual, whether it is for themselves or for those that are dependent upon them. Hence the best education one can receive will contribute to the fulfillment of their desires and wants. In recent years the internet has played quite a major part in education. The internet has become almost more significant in the classroom then a piece of paper and a pencil, to a class. It has become more then just a resourceful tool for finding information it has become a means of a must have item. Such dependence is very detrimental to the educational process for although the internet seems to be everywhere, there are still many people, willing to learn, who lack such a resource.

Amongst this vast nation of so many different types of people from all different backgrounds and cultures, social status is a strong clarification in society. The rate of impoverished families is so excessive in some areas, especially the south, and has become increasingly noticeable in public schooling. The situation has become enhanced as many students lack easy access to the internet. Such easy access includes home use or close location providing internet services. Many students prove that this situation is a constant battle. I was raised in a predominantly high class suburban society where many students have internet access. Therefore many teachers expected a majority of lot of assignments to be completed through the assistance of the internet.

My problem arose with this due to the fact that I myself lacked at home internet resources. Last year a teacher assigned an internet project in which students were required to write three papers based on internet articles reviewing the book we read in class. At first this seemed to be a fairly simple assignment to complete because I believed I could spend some time during lunches and after school in the school labs. This goal was not possible due to inclement weather that occurred. That weekend the Metropolitan area was hit with one of the biggest snowstorms in its history. In fact, all public schools were cancelled for the full school week and many places were closed. This immediately raised a problem as I found myself stranded at a house without internet access. The situation worsened when school was back in session and my teacher expected the papers to be completed. I however, tried to explain the situation but he further stated that he was sorry and that I would receive a failing grade because no late work was accepted....

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