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The Uprise Of Victory Essay

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Ghettos were built in Germany and Poland to contain Jews in a small area so they could control the Jews.. The Jews were treated unfairly in the ghettos.” Warsaw had a prewar Jewish population of more than 350,000 constituted about 30 percent of the city had a total population (United States Holocaust Museum). The ghetto was enclosed by a wall that kept the Jews from the non-Jewish residents of the city. While many other Jewish members went to the Warsaw ghettos camps without fight some decided to to hide in the ruins of buildings and attack the Nazis and start up a resistance. The Warsaw Ghetto was awful in many ways such as how the Nazis kept more than ten thousand Jews in one small cramp death camp or Ghetto, forcing them into physical labor.
The word ghetto today has a meaning of a largely populated area made up of mostly African Americans, its pretty stereotypical and offensive, but during world war II it had a much stronger and stereotypical meaning. during world war II it meant a small camp created by Nazis to contain Jews in so they would be easier to control. both ghettos with the recent definition, and the past definition both have a similar meaning, each ghetto has contained a certain race like Jews or African Americans, but the older terminology is much more offensive, because of the harsh ways the Jews were treated in those camps or ghettos.
The people or the Jews of Warsaw did not want to except what was happening with the Nazis and the orders they had from Hitler, most of the Jews did not even know what was happening at first like most of the cities the Nazis invaded. They came out of nowhere and put each and every Jew in a camp and forces them into hard physical labor. The reason everyone was in denial was probably because they didn't want to believe in genocide that was aimed at their kind of people. when the Nazis first came into their town they most likely did not expect them to force the people of the town into camps they probably thought they were there to protect them at first.
The Warsaw ghetto started in 1939. The Nazis started building the walls for the ghetto in 1940 and that's when Germany closed Warsaw from the outside world. The wall was three meters high, and was topped with barbed wire. People that were caught escaping were shot on sight. The borders of the ghetto changed many times during the next years, and they divided the ghetto into two different sections, the border was on a street named Chlodna. The ghetto went on for several years before it was stopped and liberated.
The people and groups that were involved in the Warsaw Ghetto was a large number and big amount of that number disappeared because of death faced toward the Jews, Polish, and Nazis. Some of the Jews from Warsaw created a resistance against the Nazis. they would hide in rubble of collapsed buildings and attack Nazi Squads and Generals to show them that they were not going down without a fight, they called this the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. A...

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