The Us Food And Drug Administration And Its Importance

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The Food and Drug Administration has played an important role in the American society known today. In fact the Food and Drug Administration affects every citizen of the United States. Its main goal is to ensure knowledge of products and protection to every citizen that range from atmospheric hazards to the medicine and food consumed in the United States. A strong workforce of inspectors is responsible for monitoring trading and safety standards in the food and drug industries. Although many tasks done by the FDA go unnoticed by the average citizen, an absence of the FDA would most definitely not go unnoticed. However the importance of the FDA today is just as important as to how it got ...view middle of the document...

Together Collier and Wiley worked toward urging government to make adulteration illegal. They also wanted government to regulate the interstate trade of food and drugs. Jansseen addresses the 1906 Food and Drug Act would set standards for food and drugs and would no longer satisfy only one state’s regulation. Jansseen even quoted a meat packer of the time that said “We have to manufacture differently for every state”.
Conditions in the U.S. food and drug industries a century ago have greatly changed for the safety of the consumer. Jansseen touches on the fact that it wasn’t until the passing of the 1906 Food and Drug Act food and drugs were not completely secure for public safety. There was still a great presence of uncontrolled chemical preservatives. In the early twentieth century there was a boom in the urban population across the United States. Along with that was an increase in the transportation of food to these urban zones. The transportation and production of food and drugs were not to the standards of today or any standards. Jansseen adds that many medicines of the time lacked labels displaying their contents. He also points out that many of the medicines contained opium, morphine, heroin, and cocaine. Wiley was the individual that wanted neutralize these actions in the food and drug industry. Wiley campaigned to get a law passed that stated that every drug or food produced should state all of its contents. In order to receive publicity and support he tested drugs for possible harmful substances and would go public with his findings. Wiley also developed an experiment of volunteers that agreed to eat foods treated with measured amounts of chemical preservatives to demonstrate whether the chemicals were harmful to humans.
Jansseen includes in his article that some of the chemicals that Wiley fed to his volunteers consisted of borax, salicylic, sulphurous, benzoic acids, and formaldehyde. Wiley was convinced from his results that such ingredients should only be used when necessary but also inform the consumer by means of a label corresponding to their product. Jansseen noted that Wiley’s campaign for such a federal food and drug law was opposed by medicine firms, and whiskey distillers. These industries argued that the federal government had no business monitoring what consumers ate or used for medicine. Yet there were still many food packers, food and drug officials, and agricultural organizations that sided with Dr. Wiley. The Wiley Act became a law on June 30, 1906 which hoped to put an end to food adulteration and enforce integral labeling.
Jansseen addresses that enforcing the new law was up to the Bureau of Chemistry. He stated that the inspections used by the Bureau of Chemistry were developed and executed by people appointed by Dr. Wiley. In 1907 Walter G. Campbell, an inspector appointed by Wiley, devised the first seizure or forcible taking of property of a volatile product. Jansseen adds to...

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