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The Government Of The United States Of America Has The Right To Make The Decision On Whether Students Should Have A Dress Code Which Mandates The Use Of School Uniforms.

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The Government of The United States of America has the right to make the decision on whether students should have a dress code which mandates the use of school uniforms.

The government of The United States of America has the right to make the decision on whether students should have a dress code which mandates the use of school uniforms. The debates of whether use of school uniforms should be enforced have been going on for years. There are a number of people who feel that the government making the decision on the use of school uniforms is violation of the first amendment of the civil rights which gives society the freedom of speech. This paper will prove that the government of The United States of America should have the right to enforce the use of school uniforms for many reasons. This is a very important topic, there have been many cases where this discussion has been taken into court cases. Schools that have the use of uniforms enforced have fewer issues with what their students wear to school. School uniforms have many positive outcomes on the student's education which can also include their safety.

The government should be able to mandate the use of school uniforms due to the fact it improves the safety of the students. During the mid 90's in Chicago Illinois, there was a case where the school had to enforce school uniforms. A student had worn a pair of air Jordan sneakers which had the colors which represented a gang of the neighborhood. The following week the school banned him from wearing the sneakers to school and enforced the 1000 students of the school to wear burgundy and gray uniforms to school. As shown in a quote from Gary Marx, which is the senior associate of the American Association of school Administrators in Arlington, Va. "A growing number of schools are looking at the prospect of uniforms". There should be more schools enforcing uniforms for the student's safety. To reduce gang violence, improve discipline, and enhance school performance public schools started considering adopting dress codes and enforcing school uniforms in Chicago and nationwide. (Tyson, Ann Scott. "Schools fight gang colors by pushing uniform gray" Christian Science Monitor 4/12/96, Vol. 88 Issue 96, p3,). School uniforms affect the decreasing factor of gang violence in schools. In reaction to the threat of gang activity in schools, many school districts currently enforce dress codes. (A; Ray, Alyson. "Nation of Robots - The Unconstitutionality of Public School Uniform Codes" 28 J. Marshall L. Rev. 645 1995). Due to school violence there are many debates over making school uniforms mandatory. As public schools search for solutions to improve safety, policies requiring mandatory school uniforms have become increasingly popular. (Starr, Jennifer. "School Violence and Its Effect on the Constitutionality of Public School Uniform...

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