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The American History Of Slavery Has Been Conveniently Shrouded By A Comfortable State Of "National Amnesia". By What Means And How Far Successful Is Morrison In Addressing This Issue In Beloved.

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Toni Morrison contends that American history of slavery has been conveniently shrouded by a comfortable state of "national amnesia" However, this has brought about destructive effects which are highlighted through the symbolism and character developments. By not "passing the story on", there is no healing process and the community is missing out vital gaps which are required for lessons to be learnt and an identity to be built.Toni Morrison uses the symbolism of gaps to highlight the importance and significance of listening for the holes. When Ella rescused Sethe, she listened for the holes the things the fugitives did not say; the questions they did not ask. This is significant in showing the importance of gaps American history left out. There was a need to look out for the gaps in history. This can be drawn as a parallel to the blacks who did not have a voice and even after slavery they were too ashamed to tell of their story. The importance of gaps is highlighted through the stories being told by the females in the novel. In the past, black women voices were not heard because. However, Toni Morrison gives them a voice because only then are we able to understand their experiences and pain which the men are unable to explain. Hence, the gaps are viewed to be necessary to understand the entire history of America.Furthermore, there must be a collective history before a society can progress. Should any part of the history be left out, this may have far reaching effects. When schoolteacher came to 124, the community did not inform Baby Suggs because not only did they feel she was too excessive, the perceived her as being excluded from their collective history of which she did not go through. Hence, this led to consequences of the crawling-already? Baby being murdered and 124 being isolated. It is only when the community began to...

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