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The Usa And The Uk In Terms Of Two Party System

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The USA and The UK in terms of Two Party System

Yağmur AKAR

Political parties are indispensable part of the governments and the democracies. Parties provide capturing control of the governments and shaping of the democracies. Every state has different party system types. Even though these systems are the same, they can approve differently from each other in some countries. The purpose of this essay to compare the USA and the United Kingdom in terms of two party system and also discuss their differences and similarities.
Defining a party is hard and up until today many people have tried to define in a certain framework. If necessary to summarize meaning of the political party, the ...view middle of the document...

The advantage of this system is that two-party system provides stability. It is also very easy for voters since they only have to choose between two runners; whereas, in a multi-party system voters must choose between many runners. For example, if a voter doesn’t like one runner they just have to choose the other.1 The disadvantages of the two-party system is that the system restricts choices and there are not enough alternatives for voters. Critics say that a two-party system limits representation and the range of policies considered for enactment.2 It was an advantage that if a voter did not want to choose the one party, he or she could choose the other party. So, if he or she does not like the other option? There will be a problem. This situation can be disadvantageous. This system may promote conflicts and argumentations.
The two-party system is created in democracies such as the United Kingdom and the United States of America. In the United Kingdom there are two parties; the Labour Party and the Conservative Party. These parties are the largest parties of the UK. On the other hand the USA’s two biggest parties are the Democrat Party and the Republican Party. These countries are approving the same party system but British two-party system is different from American two-party system. This difference results from the British parliamentary system and American presidential system. The important feature of the two-party system is to be majoritarian. In British parliamentarian system there is a concert or union between legislative and executive powers. but on the contrary Britain there is separation of powers in an presidential system, like the USA. According to Florin Fesnic: ‘’ British two-partyism is very different from the American two-partyism. The institutional context is crucial for how a two-party system actually works and for its effects on policymaking. The key distinction here is between America's presidential system and Britain's parliamentary system. Although the logic of a two-party system is inherently majoritarian, the existence of separation of powers opens the door for divided government. This can mitigate the winner-takes-all effect of the two-party system when, as it is often the case in the United States, one party is in control of Congress and the other party controls the White House. The British parliamentary system, with its fusion of legislative and executive powers, prevents such an occurrence. In a parliamentary regime, a two-party system means that the party that has a majority in the legislature is also forming the government. Such single-party governments have a higher life expectancy than multiparty governments. ‘’ 3
Both American and British party systems give possibility in order to choose easily for the voters by the help of two-party system. The power always changes hands among two parties. Two-party system has different features in the USA and the UK. Another difference proceeds from the party discipline. In the...

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