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The United States In Decline Essay

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One of the most vigorous debates focuses on the current status of the United States hegemony and whether or not it is in decline. This begs the question, if the United States is indeed declining in status, will it still be an influential player or not? I argue that the United States is losing its prominent position as the hegemonic leader of the world, but will still remain an influential player in global politics in the following decades to come. Its decline is an imminent result of their domestic issues, the violation of international laws and economic deficit, which have posed a grave and serious challenge for the United States. On the other hand, I propose that the United States will remain a dominant force due to its innovation, cultural influences around the world, and military prowess. In their articles, “How Americans Can Survive the rise of the Rest”, by Fareed Zakaria and “America and Europe in the Asian Century”, by Kishore Mahbubani, provides two distinctive and thought provoking arguments from a declinist perspective. However, both articles are susceptible to criticism and will be further examined in order to understand the United States prominent role.

Mahbubani argues that global dominance is moving to the east primarily due to the United States incompetence (weakness) and growing capability of Asian nations. He furthers this notion by strongly indicating that the West is inhibiting Asian progress. Mahbubani further indicates that the west has lost its legitimacy due to violating international protocol. Mahbabani recommends a return to domestic good governance and specifies that some Asian countries are now ready to join the west in becoming “responsible custodian” (pp. 4) of the global order.

Similar to my premise, Zakaria argues that the United States will remain a vital, vibrant economy at the forefront of the next revolution in science and technology industry. He furthers his argument by concluding that American dominance is demishing not because the United States is loosing its touch, but rather the rest of the world is getting better at generating wealth and being more strategic at handling their affairs, domestically and internationally.

Violation of International Laws
Mahbubani touches on various important points in his article to exemplify the decline of the U.S. and reluctance to accept its downfall. To some, a fundamental aspect that has severely hindered the United States’ legitimacy around the world has been its constant violation of International laws and protocol. Nevertheless, I contend that the U.S. will not be any less powerful in the material sense despite squandering some of its legitimacy. I argue that legitimacy is contingent over time and space and possible to regain.

The war waged against the Middle East and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty highlights such violations and ability to reinvent and regain authority. In his article, Muhbabani emphasizes the United States’...

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