The United States Will Fall Like The Roman Empire

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The United States Will Fall like the Roman Empire

What makes a country or empire so powerful? Is it a leader, the military, or even the people? These all do. They make a certain connection due to the success of an empire. You can they’re the “Three Musketeers” of one. The old Roman Empire and the United States have that connection. Both were in great power, had prosperity, and were strong in their own unique ways. But what if the United States falls dramatically—just like the Roman Empire did in 476 AD? What would we do? This fall would not be based on mythical angry gods, but our decisions in life today. The political, military, economic, and social judgments we make present day—believe it or not—are based on our future consequences.

First, problems that the United States may be facing now have ultimately been influenced from political corruption the old Roman Empire had overlooked. Troubles began with the selection of a leader that would lead the empire to victory, wealth, and a “golden age”. Apparently, in Roman times, the emperor would choose who he considered would be a great ruler. Unfortunately, this idea was stupidly ridiculous. In my opinion, the emperor was asking for a death wish. By saying this, I mean those eager for the honor of being next emperor would take madness to the next level. Some would want the position so badly that in order to get to its climax, they’d go so far into murder, even for their loved ones. Twenty-five out of 37 Roman emperors were assassinated because of this foolish system. This contributed to the empires decline. The United States is the strongest country today, yet it is not perfect. However, it is a democracy and power is given to the people. But what happens when a dictator rises and takes control over these citizens and makes an unjust decision such as war? Isn’t that what President George Bush is do in today? Even though we protest and war in Iraq is costing America multi billions and US soldiers, he continues to destruct their territory. And for what? Oil? In Eminem’s words, “no more blood for oil…” Mr. Bush. And what’s this nonsense about these so-called “terrorists”? Have they threatened the Untied States? I think nt. President Bush’s insecure ideas are not only killing innocent people but also affecting us in a negative way and the country itself. This is not a leader America wants to be run by. It’s only a matter of time when he will be overthrown by the people, just like the Roman Empire, which brings me to my next cause of downfall.

Second, military purposes played another part in decay. Foreign invasions were a nightmare to the Roman Empire. People of barbaric descent constantly fought for their area, destroying precious buildings and decreasing prosperity. Government expenses were immense and took great effort to raise. The spending affected the craftsmanship of public housing and aqueducts. Citizens grew tried of defending their home simply because they worked hard and the money...

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