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Dieter Rams, a German industrial designer, is famous for industrial design. Dieter worker for Braun who was an electrical appliance manufacturer, and he worked there as a designer from 1955 to 1995. During the time, he designed The radios, shavers, juicers, record players clocks, and other products he designed for Braun are marvels of industrial design: beautiful, unobtrusive and simple to use. Rams had also a heavy influence on Apple’s Senior Vice President of Industrial Designer, Jonathan Ives, for many of Apple’s well-known products. According to his design experiences, Dieter Rams (1970) defined his approach to "good design" by forming ten principles. These principles apply to all fields of design such as fashion, furniture, automobile, technology, etc.

“I never trusted instruction manuals,” Mr. Rams said (Sophie & Klaus 2011). “We all know that most people don’t read them.” He insisted that the operating systems of Braun’s products should be as logical and simple as possible. Buttons, dials and switches were arranged in an orderly sequence. And color coding was used for guidance: red for “off,” green for “on” and so on. This matches his the fourth principle “Good design makes a product understandable” and the tenth principle “good design is as little design as possible”. It is not uncommon that most people are lazy to read instruction manuals. Thus, design objects simple and easily understand so that humans can use them easily and efficiently and without having to read complex instructions or ask for help. As we can see, these are many objects in the world are designed, created, and invented upon us without understanding or even care, which is the lack of attention paid by the maker to the user. How will we use them? For instance, some cars have automobile radios with rows of tiny identical buttons. Drivers cannot possibly be operated when driving, as those buttons are complex and tiny. Maybe the problems seem small, but actually they can mean the difference between pleasure and frustration. They may influence your mood. Imagining how are you if you cannot open the door just because of its poor design. As be seen, some doors should be pushed, some doors had to be pulled, and some required sliding. And there is no anything can prompt individuals. Sometimes people will hard to open, even won’t. When people have trouble on open a door, it is not individuals’ fault. It is design’s fault. More accurately, it is fault of design that cannot understandable easily. When human first see an item they have never seen before, how do people know how to use it? People will first encounter different thousands of objects. Thus, designers must design easily understandable items, for people can manage to use rightly even though humans see they in the first time. What is more, ignore the same principles can make things work poorly including leading individuals’ lives to at risk. Most accidents are because of people’s faults, but in almost all cases, the...

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