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The Use Of Smart Technology In The Hotel Industry

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The Use of Smart Technology in the Hotel Industry

The use of smart technology in hotel industry has been identified as the current dynamic change that is being implemented in the hotel industry. In order to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction, hotels have decided to enhance communication – by adopting current information technology; the handling of customer have been improved with an aim of competing in the current market that seems challenging as a result of the current final crisis and diverse customers’ needs. This paper examined the smart technology that is being employed in hotel industry and its effect on the performance of the hotels – that is reduction of cost and competing well in the market and ensuring that customer satisfaction remains a paramount consideration.
The research in this paper used questionnaire to examine the current implementation of the smart technology in top hotel in the hospitality industry to access the cost of use of the technology and the impacts it bring to the hotel. The research also entailed examining of top management officials and operators of hotels that have adopted the use of smart technology.
Approximately 5000 questionnaire was distributed through the use of email, and around 356 of the people emailed responded, which equated to a response rate of around 6.7%. Most of the research questions were directed to the operators of the different top hotel that have employed the use of smart technology. The response indicated that approximately 72% of the managers responded to the questions, but the report indicated that most of the response came from high tech hotels.
The research engaged the use of survey since it was the broadest method of obtaining data from a wide range of hotel distributed in many areas of the world. The research used email as it was the most effective and flexible means of reaching as many participants as possible, although the limitation was that most people considered such email as spam and only a few of them responded.
Literature Review
The hotel industry is one of the main earners of economy in many nations across the world and has endured many challenges for a long time. It has contributed significantly to gross national product and employment sector of the economy. It is one of the well-documented sectors of the economy, and is part of the main forecast which will helps in the growth of economies of the world in the future.
Statistics indicate that in the last couple of years, the financial situation have negatively impacted to the hospitality industry (Brandau, 2009). Many consumers around the world have changed their behavior because of the economic situation -- unemployment, economic depression, and the advances in the technology. Hoteliers are now looking at innovative ways to challenge the situation and have a competitive edge in the market. They have resulted to engage in the use of the best and latest technology to improve the level of efficiency in the market...

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