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The Usage Of Twitter Amongst Professional Athletes

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Athlete Selection
One athlete from each league was selected for the content analysis: NFL quarterback, Michael Vick; NHL forward and enforcer, Paul Bissonnette; and MLB relief pitcher, Jason Grilli. Michael Vick was selected for analysis because he has a criminal background from the past. An analysis of Vick's tweets will help determine how he has changed over time, and to learn if anyone still allows the past to influence the way they respect him and if that effects him in any way through social media. Paul Bissonnette was designated for analysis based upon his avid use of Twitter and other social networks. He is very outspoken about himself and how he promotes himself and his team. Bissonnette is known as "BizNasty" in the locker room and how he is recognized best for his enforcement role on and off the ice. Thirdly, Jason Grilli was chosen for the analysis because he has his own marketing firm and a high interest in the world of social media. After research is gathered, an analysis will determine how he markets himself through his Twitter use.
Michael Vick has had one of the most public controversies and dreadful crimes of any professional athlete. Prosecutors placed Vick into federal prison for 18 months from charges of dog fighting and animal cruelty to which he pleaded guilty. The executive director of the NFL Players Association, Gene Upshaw, said in a statement:
"We believe the criminal conduct to which Mr. Vick has pled guilty today cannot be condoned under any circumstances. Speaking personally, as I have previously stated, the practice of dogfighting is offensive and completely unacceptable. I can only hope that Mr. Vick, who is a young man, will learn from this awful experience."
His decision to plead guilty was based upon a judgment issue he faced with people he came into contact with. He hoped his decision would begin a healing process.
In January 2014, controversy broke when Vick posted a tweet to his Twitter in regards to bidding on an iPad on QuiBids. Laypersons might wonder why this is such a controversial situation. The tweet drew anger from the auction website users who were against the website working with Vick due to his conviction for running a dogfight right several years ago. An official with QuiBids responded:
"We would like to sincerely apologize for the endorsements posted on Michael Vick's Facebook and Twitter accounts. As most employees here at QuiBids are dog owners, we want you to know we would never, ever condone animal abuse, and we are sorry that our recent actions do not reflect our values. Please know that we have had Michael delete his post and have stopped all future campaigns with him. Additionally, we will be making a contribution to the ASPCA to help the fight against animal cruelty. We very much care about you and what you think and will take measures to ensure this does not happen again."
Of course, all of the good Mike Vick has done in the years since his conviction is overshadowed. Similarly,...

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