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The Use Of Animals In Medical Research

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Uses of animals in Medical Research" Animals have a right to a life free from pain and suffering." Discuss with reference to Christian teachings

There is much controversy of the use of animals in medical research. There is no doubt that the use of animals has advanced human medical research in many areas such as asthma therapy, blood transfusion, a diphtheria vaccine and polio and whooping cough vaccines. Animals such as the Guinea Pig, which contributed to 23 Nobel Prizes for medicines in discovery of Vitamin C, the tuberculosis bacterium and adrenaline as well as many other diseases and infections.

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Francis of Assisi, one of Christianity's most decorated saints, who was extremely caring towards the animal kingdom. The Messianic Vision of the Scripture describes how there should be a perfect world in which human beings and animals co-exist in perfect harmony. Humans are referred to as temples of the Holy Spirit and are given the opportunity of salvation and a place in heaven after death. Others follow the animal regulation movement, which states that humans and animals have equal value and animal experiments, even to the benefits of humans, are wrong.

On the other hand many Christians interpret from the Bible a very different view. They feel that as God gave them a responsibility over the animal kingdom, they are superior to them and should be able to use animals in medical research and are therefore allowed to cause pain and suffering if it benefits mankind. Some Christians believe that animals only have value because they are useful to humans. Most Christians take a different stance; they believe that there is a clear distinction between animals and humans. They feel that, as humans are able to have feelings and have a conscience and be in the image of God (imago dei) and animals aren't, they are superior to them and are allowed to carry out medical research. Some believe that God gave us animals to eat, which thus allows us to cause them pain on the basis of nourishment.

All in all I feel that animals should be allowed to be used in medical research, even if it does cause them pain, as it benefits mankind and can help us prevent or prolong further disease and death in the future.

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