The Use Of Animals In Research

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In March 1980, there emerged a group called PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. This group, founded by Alex Pacheco and Ingrid Newkirk, fights against the use of animals for research. PETA became a well known name between 1981 and 1990 when they went up against IBR, Institute for Behavioral Research. In the book Monkey Business, the story is told of the ten year battle between PETA and IBR. “Through it all, the Silver Spring Monkeys would remain the most important symbol for the growing animal rights movement” (Guillermo 12). Biomedical research was the primary use of these monkeys. The book tells of the unsanitary conditions that the monkeys lived in, of the animal cruelty they endured, and the group that fought for their freedom. Through many court battles and several of the monkeys dying, PETA finally saved the remaining monkeys. This was just the start of PETA’s battles for the ethical treatment of animals. PETA believes that they are the voice that the animals do not have and stand up for animals used in research. The opponents believe that the use of animals in research is critical to human and animal health as stated by Joy Mench, “According to the National Association for Biomedical Research, ‘virtually every major medical advance of the last century has depended upon research with animals’” (41).The use of animals in research continues to be a controversial issue in society.
Many people joined the cause to make PETA the largest organization for animal rights in the world with over two million members and supporters some of which are celebrities (About PETA). PETA believes that there are other more effective ways, such as clinical research, to finding cures for diseases without animal testing. They believe that animal test are unreliable and can actually harm humans from the side effects. Proponents believe that animal research persist because it is fast, flexible, controllable, readily funded, it is what scientist know, and it is publishable (MRMC 11). These reasons are why PETA fights so vigorously for animal rights.
The people that believe that PETA is more of a radical group, pushing their views on others, do not welcome the protest. Although they may not believe in cruelty to animals, they do not believe that an animal’s well-being is above a human’s well-being. In the book Animal Rights Opposing Viewpoints R.G. Frey says, “Normal (adult) human life is of a...

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