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The Use Of Archeology To Determine Economic Status

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Archeology came into existence in the 19thand early 20thcentury.During this period, archeological work had been concentrated in Europe, SW Asia and in a few areas of America. Presently, the study is widespread and archeologists study the diversity of humanity that exists around the globe (Dormett, Smith, & Wallis, 2006:30).
How the archeologists work
Archeologists obtain data through undertaking field surveys and excavations. Substances that are obtained during those field surveys are taken to the laboratory for further analysis. Then they can be able to tell the history of human societies basing on the analysis that they will have carried out (Baxter, 2008:174). This is because a certain aspect of the history of the human beings in question.

Social status and Class
Status refers to the roles that one has within their society throughout their lifespan. Economists however look at it in terms of the economic standing that one possesses in the society. This is based on the differences in material and economic wealth .Class on the other hand are stratifications that result from the economic status that exists in the society (Dormett, Smith, & Wallis, 2006:32). In the archeological field, status has been used to define groups of people that existed within the past population. Status can be deduced from the way these individuals were buried, the associated mortuary goods as well as their skeletal remains. Studies have revealed that roles and status are the major considerations that differentiate social stricture. Differences that exist in the economic status and class are defined through material culture and architecture (Cameron, 2011:200).
Lessons on social status basing on analysis of material culture and skeletal remains
Through archeological studies, economic status can be determined through a number of ways. A study conducted previously show that the Maya community can be termed as a multi-level system. This is because the organizations that existed during the past consisted of the elite that consisted of the ruling and non-ruling individuals, middle elite classes and the commoners (Dormett, Smith, & Wallis, 2006:34). It has been noted that the titles of the ruling elite are based on terrestrial acquisition. Archeological evidence reveal that indeed social mobility existed in the Maya region. This is because the region was divided in city and states. It is presumed that the elite that existed in the past may be having same lifestyle as compared to the present elites occupying the same city state (Baxter, 2008:172).
This can be deduced through excavation and analysis of material culture including artefacts and architecture. Architecture has been found to be a good indicator of economic status. This is because the energy that was used in materials can display a lot of information about individuals (Dormett, Smith, & Wallis, 2006:28). For instance the pyramids that were constructed in Maya is a characteristic of the ruling elites in...

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