The Use Of Deep Data Mining In Todays Society Computer Science Research Paper

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Amrit Dhillon
Mr. Patterson
June 7th, 2017
Deep Data Mining
Deep data mining is made for large amounts of data and information. It is used to determine trend and patterns in that set of data. It involves the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics and database system. It is an integrative subfield of Computer Science. The objective of this technology is to extract information and sort it in a presentable way to re-use in the future. This works by using a specific algorithm to determine what is important and get rid of any outlying data. Once this data is targeted it is processed so it can be ready to be analyzed and display any patterns that were found. Once it is found it is displayed in a respectful manner. There are many different algorithms that can be used. Each algorithm is used to find different files and different trends. And based on the way this algorithm is setup up the data can be displayed in a different way. These algorithms are very complicated and go very in depth to find the needed and possibly useful data.
The positive impacts of the innovative and leading edge technology are that it become much faster to find data and becomes much easier as well. These algorithms enable the user to quickly and efficiently search for the required files. Another positive about this is that when large companies with over thousands and thousands of documents want a statistic graph of how well they are doing or areas of improvement. Data mining can ease this process because of the complex and in depth algorithms. Many companies already have this and many more are beginning to adapt this leading edge technology. This type of technology is also used by the government to gather data from the citizens of that country, and sort it to look for trends in salary, employed vs. unemployed, literate vs. illiterate and many more. This type of technology is used in many different fields and is also used to predict trends as well. Data mining is not only looking at the collected data and not going father but it can also allow the user to see an average trend and the algorithm will build on this to create a future trend. This type of algorithms is useful...

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