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The Use Of Drones For Domestic Surveillance

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A drone flies overhead scanning the remains of a collapsed school building after an earthquake. The drone was there within minutes because it had already been in the area for a surveillance task. The heavy piece of concrete crushing your leg worries you , but you are calm because the drone is a signal that help is coming your way. As the thick dust clears, you feel the moment to the drone spots you. I believe that drones should be used for domestic surveillance. This is important because the use of a drones is a matter of safety. If we have the ability to be more secure in our everyday lives, we should take advantage of those abilities , especially if they can help save the lives and the money of taxpayers. It would be irresponsible not to use drones.
Politicians and concerned citizens say that drones violate their right to privacy and actually put them in more danger. They argue that we cannot be sure of who is in control of the drone flying overhead. They fear the restrictions which may be placed on privately owned drones and the consequences of breaking those restrictions. On the surveillance side of the argument, they fear that data collecting by drones will be focused on certain groups of people whether or not they are guilty of a crime. Jameel Jaffer, deputy legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union, in an article in The New York Times says, “If we want to protect our privacy rights, the exercise of this power has to be subject to limits. Without sensible limits on the use of surveillance drones, government entities – the F.B.I., the Department of Homeland Security, your local police department – will almost inevitably use drones to collect huge volumes of sensitive information about people who’ve done nothing wrong”. Jaffer believes that, without clear limits, drone use will get out of hand and possibly begin interfering with the privacy rights of Americans. This fear stems from the precedent already set by law enforcement when they monitor citizens suspected of a crime. Tim Pool, a journalist who covered the Occupy Wall Street protests, asks, “The real issue with government restriction is enforcement. Who is controlling the drone and how? How do we hold these people accountable if they violate the restrictions? The dangers of misuse exist in the anonymity of the controller and, in some cases, the artificial intelligence of the drone” (“Civilians vs. the Surveillance State”).His concern is over the application and enforcement of laws pertaining to drone. He asks where blame will be placed when something inevitably goes wrong or a law is broken. They believe that, as of now, there is no one who can be held responsible for the mistakes of drones or their operators. With the power of 24-hour surveillance provided by drones, what is to stop law enforcement agencies from using drones for means beyond what is allowed in the approaching ruling in regards to drone surveillance? Nothing, citizens are putting their trust in a...

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