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The Use Of Drones In Operation Copper Dune

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Where do you think Al Qaeda operates, most people just think about Afghanistan and
Pakistan? There is also Al Qaeda operatives working in the Arabian Peninsula as well, and is
where Operation Copper Dune is being conducted. This operation is being conducted in a very
new way of military occupation with not as many soldiers but there are many Predator drone
aircraft conducting operations in the area, along with Yemen. The operation encompasses
strategic placement of the base, personnel, and aircraft to conduct many operations in the area of
responsibility. The small units in place conduct precise mission without the need of a huge force,
thus greatly lowering the threat in the area.
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These drone operations are not limited to just Yemen, but most of the Arabian Peninsula,
and central Africa to counteract the operations of Al Qaeda. This is capable due to the location
of the military base. “Djibouti is an improvised former French colony,” “but as far as the U.S.
military is concerned, the country’s strategic value is unparalleled.” (Craig Whitlock, 2012)
“Sandwiched between East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, Camp Lemonnier enables US
aircraft to reach hot spots such as Yemen or Somalia in minutes.” (Craig Whitlock, 2012) The
strategic location of this base is not something new to the military. We have been placing bases
all across the globe for years to gain a better foot hold to launch our assaults. The Battle of
Midway in 1942 was a very good strategic play to gain such a strategic location, this placement
of Camp Lemonnier is not different. The fact is that having a central base to stage an operation
for multiple points has been conducted by many military’s for hundreds of years. The location is
close to entrance of the Red Sea near the Arabian Sea, where many pirates and terrorist group
gather. This helps with close proximity to the enemy, but also it is a great strategic place for
resupply as well. The placement is close enough for aircraft to land from around the world, but
more importantly from a naval vessel. The Navy can run close operations to the base for
resupply, over watch, and aid in operations needed throughout the area of operation.
From a strategic stand point having unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and fighter jets so
close to your enemy is a tactical advantage. “Enemies are faceless and nameless.”(Stephen
Lendman, 2012) “Killing can be controlled by nearby or from half a world away.”(Stephen
Lendman, 2012) Having this ability is changing how we conduct our military offensives. We do
not just run into an operation blindly, or without someone/something watching overhead. There
are also many Special Operations forces operating in the area, out of Camp Lemonnier. There is
an estimated 300 commandos running joint operations, using the UAV’s as a reconnaissance
device and over head watch during raids. Having the ability to watch and collect intelligence on
your enemy is vital in today’s operations. The operators use the intelligence...

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