The Use Of Electronic Cigarettes Essay

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A growing trend in the United States is the use of an electronic cigarette as an alternative to regular cigarettes. An electronic cigarette burns a liquid solution containing a controlled percentage of nicotine with no carcinogens, and this provides the user with smoke that is actually vapor. According to Allen Mask M.D. (2014), “Sales of electronic cigarettes have boomed from $500 million in 2012 to $1.5 billion in 2013” (Mask, 2014). The growth of sales in electronic cigarettes over the years is because it is being marketed as a healthier alternative, and more stores are opening to help assist others on selling as well as fixing their devices. The reason why electronic cigarettes are a ...view middle of the document...

How an Electronic Cigarette Works
The electronic cigarette has the ability to create a smokeless vapor, and that makes it a lot easier psychologically for the user. The Vaporizer consists of three parts “a rechargeable lithium battery, a vaporization chamber, and a cartridge” (Cassidy, 2011). According to Maria Tramarchi and Susan Cassidy (2011), “when you puff on you e-cig as you would a regular cigarette, the battery powers the device to heat the liquid and vaporize it” (Tramarchi & Cassidy, 2011). The liquid inside the vaporizer is made to contain a certain percentage of nicotine. This helps benefit the user by knowing how much nicotine they intake, and what appears as smoke is actually just water vapor created by the electronic cigarette.
The main distinction from an electronic cigarette and a regular cigarette is the ability to produce smoke without burning tobacco. The procedure of the electronic cigarette as an alternative method actually helps the user physically smoke, because it might not be real tobacco smoke, but the user can psychologically believe that it is.

Graph: Poll done in 2011 comparing the addiction of regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes
One of the users who believed that electronic cigarettes are not addictive shared that using the electronic cigarette helped a lot with her cravings. The user fills the electronic cigarette with a liquid nicotine, and that liquid comes in several different flavors based on the users preference.
Helping People Quit Cigarettes
New electronic cigarettes stores have opened with business owners who capitalized on a growing industry. Jon Pingol, owner of Planet Vape in Glendora, California, opened a store that sells electronic cigarettes because of how much it has assisted him to quit smoking. Pingol explained that the assistance of his electronic cigarette allowed him instantaneously quit smoking a pack a day, and it allowed him to evade the withdrawals. Pingol (2014) said, “the appearance of smoke was enough, as well as being able to get the feel of nicotine”.
Planet Vape has created a comfortable environment to allow its customers to relax, and the customer service is outstanding to give aid to returning and new customers....

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