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The Use Of Humor Essay

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Humor is portrayed as the main theme of the two essays by Margaret Atwood, Female Body, and Why We Crave Horror Movies by Stephen King. However, due to different subject matter being discussed, the humor employed in each is dissimilar in many ways. The essay by Atwood is written in relation to the body of a female in which she manages to give the readers a sensitivity of the female body with a comparison of a female mentality to that of a man. She crafts her essay using humorous approach such as wit and inscrutability. King’s essay is more of a straight forward humorous piece in which he uses facts and sarcasm (irony). His expository essay discusses the reasons why people prefer horror movies in such a factual, but silly way.
In his essay, King mocks the very habits that are done undercover and the possible things which people are terrified about. When the readers read this, an automatic chuckle emerges either as a cause that it applies to them (or someone they know), or simply because it is hilarious. In the opening paragraph, King writes: “we’ve all known people who talk to themselves…people who have some hysterical fear…” (King, 86). He articulates about the many habits which are embarrassing and humiliates those addictions while comparing it to the reasons why people don't mind going to the horror movies only to get embarrassed with their priceless reactions. He compares the horror movies to roller coasters: “and horror movies, like roller coasters” (King, 87), and the reactions when watching horror movies to the screams when riding the roller coaster: “horror movie may not surprise a scream out of us at some point, the way we may scream when the roller coaster twists…”. This is a metaphoric comparison to top off the humor.
King uses humor in his essay to grasp the reader’s attention and to maintain the giggle: “your insanity leads you only to talk to yourself when you’re under stress or to pick your nose on your morning bus…” (King, 87). When king relates to the real life incidents that could possibly occur the readers are in for a good humor. Because expository are meant to be informative and to the point, King managed to adroitly create his essay in a entertaining way so the readers will not put the book down, but will read on due to all the irony and humor. However, because both essays, King’s and Atwood’s, are full of amusing facts, it just wouldn’t be as captivating without it being witty.
Female Body is more inexplicable because Atwood gives indirect explanation about a female body. With clues like: “my topic… I sprinkle it with water, brush parts of it, rub it with towels, powder it, add lubricant” (Atwood, 89), the readers figure out that “my topic” refers to her face. She indirectly uses the word “topic” consistently and eventually the readers automatically assume...

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