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The Use Of Language, Structural And Presentational Devices By Car Manufacturer To Persuade Buyers

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The Use of Language, Structural and Presentational Devices by Car Manufacturer to Persuade Buyers

In this essay I intend to analyse and compare the language,
presentation and structure of two different advertisements. Both
advertise cars however one is for magazine while the other is for TV.
Within language I will be looking for language features such as
alliterations for example; sheer strength. I will also be looking for
structural devices such as the style of layout and presentational
devices suck as different font sizes and colours. Ultimately I will
try to discover what car manufacturers use in adverts to sell cars.

In the Volkswagen magazine advert Volkswagen were advertising their
latest Polo cars. There is a large amount of language used the
language persuades the consumers by using language devices such as
alliterations, '…sheer strength…' as both words begin with s it make
the text read with a flow and it is catchy, also the alliteration
gives the impression that the polo is a well-built car. The
alliteration 'Improved rigidity doesn't just make it safer, it also
means better road holding and responsiveness' allow for better flow as
the repetition of words beginning with r creates a rhythm. '…speed-sensitive…'
is another alliteration which is catchy.

Personal pronouns are very important in advertisements as they connect
with the reader making the text read as it was talking directly to
him/her. 'Careful it doesn't go to your head' this quotation shows
this as it give the impression that text is connecting directly to the
reader. Also personal pronouns personify the company '… and more
enjoyable to drive than any polo we've ever built.' this quotation
reinforces the last point as we've is referring to the company. There
are many personal pronouns in this advert.

Contractions are used by the car manufacturers the help the flow of
the text an example of this is 'step inside and you're cocooned…' this
quotation shows how it reads with a flow. 'And inside you'll find the
equipment' as this contraction shows the shorter version of the two
words, you and will, allows for a better read.

This advert uses a lot of minor sentences 'Listen' this minor sentence
is short and clear making the text an easier read, not only that the
word listen is an imperative. 'Start by looking at the dashboard' is
another minor sentence which is an imperative, the sentence gives the
impression that the car has a lot to show. 'It's tough' this short
sentence is clear simple and links back to the overall theme of the

The advert has two examples of slang, 'Sink back in the plush seats'
and 'New Polo hasn't lost any of its nippiness' both of which gives an
impression that the advert is informal and connects with the reader.

The advert...

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