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The Use Of Light As A Communication Media: China Great Wall

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The use of light as a communication media used in China Great Wall distance more than 7300 km with in 1 hour to sent signal from one tower to another. In the late 20th century optical communication took back in to the seat for its advantages over coaxial transport and other electrical communication system. In 1966, Kaw and Hockman proposed the idea of using optical fiber light wave communication and their prediction was data loss 20dB/km [12]. In late 1980s to 1990s, coherent detection communication systems were introduced to enhance the transmission system. However, optical system needs still regeneration over long distance. By early 1990s, the system channel capacity boosted and reached ...view middle of the document...

al [12]with the concept of multiple-input multiple-output OFDM and experimentally it was 1000 km standard single-mode fiber (SSMF) transmission at 8 Gb/s and 4160 km SSMF transmission at 20 Gb/s by Jansen Yahama proposed no-guard interval CO-OFDM where in the system optical subcarriers without required cyclic prefix. This system much needed linearity in RF-to-optical (RTO) up converter [22] and optical to RF converter. Furthermore, this system has five functional blocks such as (1) RF OFDM transmitter, (2) RTO up converter, the semiconductor laser is one of the light source in up converter [8] (3) Optical channel, (4) OTR down converter, using photo detector optical signals are converted to electronic signals [8] and (5) RF OFDM receiver.
If we consider a linear optical channel where fiber nonlinearity is not considered even though, it is big challenge to implement to obtain linear up converter and also down converter. Coherent detection uses a six port 90 degree optical hybrid and a pair of balance photo detectors and the main objective of coherent detection are (1) to recover I and Q component linearly of the incoming signal (2) to suppress the noise. Using six port 90 degree optical hybrid for signal detection and analysis in RF domain. The purpose of the four output ports of the 90 degree optical is to generate phase shift for I and Q components and 180 degree phase shift for balance detection.
External modulator and Direct modulator

In the optical transmission radio over fiber modulation can be categorized into two main parts that are direct modulation...

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