The Use Of Nanotechnology In Medicine

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Nanotechnology and Medicine
What is nanotechnology? Not very commonly discussed, but very commonly used.
We use nanotechnology on a day to day basis, smart phones, computers, pads, and now emerging very reputedly in medicine.
In the word “Nano” means a billionth (10-9). Nanotechnology is defined as the study of structures between 1 nanometer and 100 nanometers in size.
How small is a Nano…..really? A Nano concerns objects that are extremely small, bigger than atoms, but smaller than you can see than you can see with a light microscope. Nanotechnology uses the basic unit of measurement and it represents a billionth of meter or billionth of a part.
The Nano scale structures, devices and systems are now in sizes less than 100nm. They also contain:
• Hydrogen atom .04nm
• Proteins 1-20nm
• Feature size of computer chips 90nm
• Diameter of human hair 10nm
• Sugar molecule 1nm
Nanowires and nanotubes have physical and optical properties due to the dimensional quantum confinement, dimensionality and high surface volume ratio
Bio-nano material which is known for medical uses contain Protenis, enzymes, DNA, and RNA.
Today technology shifts are extraordinary we’ve gone to:
• Inches to Microns
• Microns to Nanometers
• Rods to Litho wires
• Litho wires to Nano wires
• Hammer to Light
• Light to Self-assembly
• Bad to Excellent
• Excellent to Unknown
This entire all had happened over the years in a substantial amount of time. We’ve already seen the rapid growth in today’s technology, small more efficient and powerful computer systems, cost effective technology for energy production- solar cells, fuel cells, batteries, and bio fuels.
Nano medicine is the newest and uprising of today’s technology involves monitoring, repairing, and control of the human biological systems at the molecular level using engineered Nano devices and Nano structures.
Nano medicine is also used for repairing damaged tissues.
They have even taken it to a step higher and have created nanobots, which are machines or robots that can effectively be used for drug delivery.
The procedure for this is very painless and quick. The drug carriers or nanobots are injected near the diseased cell, functionalized with specific molecules to set off receptors expressed on the infected cell.
This also leads to very low drug toxicity, which means the drug treatment is only going where is supposed to go.
The nanobots can also pinpoint the exact location of the affected area, so this reduces chances of any harmful effects.
Prevention, such an important word in the medical field I think. Prevention can save lives, give brighter futures, and Borden horizons. Nano biotech has successfully produced microchips coated with...

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